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Social Media SEO: What You Need to Know

Google’s algorithm has well over 200 ranking factors, but what role does social media play in the world of SEO?

We already know how important Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are for the success of a small business these days. It’s crucial to build your brand and appeal to your niche audience, but when it comes to the more technical side of advertising, what does it really do for you?

As it turns out, quite a lot. In this post, we’re going to discuss social media SEO and tell you some of the ways that you can improve your social media marketing through SEO. If you’ve been treating these two organic marketing powerhouses as separate entities, keep reading and let us help you combine them.

Why Social Media SEO?

Social media and search engines tend to function in a similar way. Both aim to take the content that you produce and put it in front of the right audience so that everyone’s happy. Apps like Facebook and Instagram use hashtags and keywords in much the same way that Google does.

By growing your audience on social media, you can have a direct impact on your SEO. The more followers you have, the more people you can share your content with.

Among the most important aspects of SEO are link building and engagement, so getting more people looking at your site and sharing the content is going to send your site right to the top of the SERP.

How to Use Social SEO for Your Benefit

Using social media and SEO together doesn’t have to be difficult. Adopting a few key habits can have them working in tandem in no time.

Sharing Is Caring

Every time you finish a blog post, use your social media accounts to amplify it online. This will help you turn your followers into people that actually engage with your website. If you can manage to have them share the post, you’re going to exponentially increase your readership.

Because you’re advertising your site to people that already follow you, you’re reaching a targeted audience. They’re more likely to engage with your content, which is a huge factor in SEO ranking. When people stay on your site to read your content, you increase your dwell rate and decrease the click-through rate.

Social Media Numbers Matter

Most businesses use social media to boost their brand and engage with their customers. What they might not do effectively is look at the data and figure out where they’re succeeding and where they could improve.

By taking social reporting seriously, you can use social media as an effective SEO tool. Check out this blog and learn more about the benefits of analyzing social media data.

Crafting the Perfect Social Media SEO Plan

Now that you understand how SEO and social media are intertwined, you can use both to craft the perfect social media SEO campaign. When you have both working at a high level, you can take your business marketing to new heights.

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