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Smart Electric Breakers: Does Flexibility Have To Imply Complexity?

In the evolving and advancing world of energy, it is inevitable to design power distribution systems in such a way that they are able to tackle the challenges of applications that come up. For example, wind power is expected to supply a fair percentage of electricity worldwide by 2030; however, turbines have a harsh environment for the operation of power equipment.

One of the challenges arises when businesses continue to set growth goals in the face of tough competition. According to reports published by a few companies, lately, the manufacturing leaders have been planning for agility and flexibility in order to respond to market disruptions and increasing demand. However, to incorporate flexibility, higher and highly variable output would be required from existing plants, which would mean higher demands of efficient power infrastructures.

Meeting such demands would require robust components and power distribution systems, which can help meet the performance requirements of each and every application. Also, it would require the components which have the flexibility to adapt to the new needs.

Among the power components available, electric breakers are of vital importance. However, the dilemma is – the complexity is naturally increased with the increased flexibility. To tackle this problem, smart circuit breakers have been invented, which help in simplifying things.

Delivering on Flexibility

Electric breakers’ manufacturers offer a number of options to enable the customization and configuration of electric breakers according to specific applications. This will help you in choosing appropriate breaking capacity, current, etc.

Besides, there are options available for the breaker’s control unit. These options are in terms of protection functions, for example, short-time, long-time, etc. Besides, various auxiliary accessories may include options for signaling, connection, controlling, communications, etc.

The newest electric breakers allow you to choose the capabilities of advanced diagnostic and monitoring. This may include energy metering, highly accurate power, etc. In addition, a few more upgraded and advanced functions may be inclusive of diagnosis of breaker’s health, aging analysis of breakers, etc.

Innovations & Circuit Breakers

There are a number of exciting innovations for smart circuit breakers, one of them being digital modules (downloadable). This provides ultimate flexibility in operations as an electric breaker can upgrade during commissioning or maybe after it is put in service, with new functionality. Upgrading the electric breakers is not a complex process, rather a simple and seamless process, which does not even hamper the operations of the electric circuits during upgradation.

In addition, the digital modules also offer protection functions, analysis of power quality,  energy measurements, etc. These circuit breakers may also have other smart functions to help teams restore power and perform other breaker operations or restore power safely and faster.

Simplified Ordering

As you must have observed, the extent of additional options, configuration possibilities, and digital modules are extensive. It is quite necessary to ensure that a circuit breaker will just meet specific and, sometimes, quite demanding applications. Therefore, it is important to use adequate tools, otherwise, it might confuse the ordering process.

A few new software tools online have made ordering easier for circuit breakers, even the smart breakers with advanced functions. Generally, these tools take the purchaser through interactive steps for the completion of an order.

The interface has in-built intelligence, which automatically filters options available for a particular configuration and checks the status of an order. This gives certainty that each order is correct, which saves significant time as it helps in avoiding mistakes.

The tools used for online ordering also allows saving previous order configuration, which is reloaded, improved, and resaved. This helps in making reorders for the modified or similar configuration simple and fast.

Finally, simple codes of the products help in understanding the electric breaker’s configuration. This helps in streamlining the ordering process and can also help field technicians who are seeking assistance from other support teams in distant locations.

This is how the advanced and smart circuit breakers are assisting in improving operational reliability and efficiency. However, it is important to have the right tools and understanding of circuit breakers to have an effective system. For this, you can take professionals’ assistance, who have relevant knowledge and years of practical experience.

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