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Small Wall, No Problem: How to Design That Sliver of a Wall

Imagine a house with great furniture pieces but with bare walls that do not have an ounce of personality. Won’t you search for something to feast your eyes on? You can’t very well keep admiring those fluffy throw pillowcases or that expensive-looking rug. People hang art pieces and framed photographs on their walls because they add personality and character to any room. This is a problem, however, for those of us who have a small wall in the home. Whether it’s because you have a small house per se or your house is literally made of glass, you still need to take care of that sliver of wall and add a pop of your personality to it.

Sconce and Petite Painting

You don’t need a large painting to be the focal design piece of your house. A small one will do the work, too, provided that there’s a wall sconce above the painting that will illuminate it. That small design alone will add a glow to the whole house. Guests will notice the painting because the sconce will cast a beautiful glow on it. That will set the mood, and soon, the painting will be the centerpiece of the house.

Wall Brackets

Hang some wall brackets and prop up either plants, framed photos, small sculptures, or what-not. If you don’t want to drill a nail into your wall, you can use adhesive dots for the brackets. Make sure to use high-quality adhesive so that it can shoulder the weight of a succulent plant, the heaviest you can put on that bracket. Rotate your favorite plants so that the wall doesn’t get boring eventually. The best thing about not drilling into the walls is that you can remove the bracket when you don’t feel like putting anything on them anymore.

Small Shelf

Why not make that small wall functional? You can install a small shelf to make the wall useful. If you do not have space for a shoe rack, that wall can be it. Otherwise, use it as a bookcase or a display case for your favorite trinkets and art pieces. In a bedroom, you can use the shelves to showcase your jewelry. Displaying some framed photos will look good on it, too.

Family Photos

What better way to make use of that wall but to hang family photos? Don’t fill the wall with too many photos because they will make the space look smaller than it already is. But you need to choose the right frames. Pick unconventional frames to add glamour to those photos. Before you hang them permanently, lay them out on the floor in front of the wall. This will give you an idea how they will look like.

Metal Sculpture

Wall décor doesn’t always mean art. It doesn’t always have to make sense. For modern homes, a great idea is to hang a graphic wall structure such as overlapping metal squares or a quirky wall clock. A large mirror will also add elegance to the place. Plus, it will make the room look bigger than it really is. But it’s a little challenging to find the right wall sculpture, as these kinds of wall décor always seem to be either too basic or too ostentatious.


If you can, install windows on that narrow wall. This will create an illusion of space. Plus, no art looks better than a window where the sun can stream in. Every house needs a bit more sunshine, so using that narrow wall for windows is a practical solution. They won’t certainly make that piece of wall boring and outdated.


Depending on how narrow the wall is, move the drapes at least six to eight inches from the edge of the wall. Of course, the drapes should completely cover the windows. The space on the sides will allow you to pull the curtains or drapes to the side to let the light in. If the wall is too narrow to allow for the drapes to be pulled to the side, then make sure to avoid heavy drapes. Light materials will create more space no matter how narrow the wall is so that you can stretch the curtains all the way to the edge of the wall.

Small houses should never be a problem. It’s the same way if you have a narrow wall in your home. There’s always a way to make that wall functional. There’s always a way to turn that wall into something that will add elegance to a room. You just have to pick the right one for your home.

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