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Shiny White Teeth Doesn’t Translate To Good Oral Health

Pearly white teeth are seen as the benchmark for healthy teeth. A recent study revealed that one of the most requested dental procedures is teeth whitening. White teeth are something that is advertised continuously in movies and shows. Celebrities, models, and media personalities have made white teeth a must-have. Contrary to popular beliefs, having white teeth doesn’t translate into having the best oral health. While having white teeth is attractive and visually appealing, it doesn’t mean your teeth are healthy.

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According to a report published by the BBC, our teeth’ color depends on several factors. Habits like smoking, drinking, and eating can affect the color of teeth. In addition, genes, age, and certain medications can also affect the color of teeth.

Generally, green or greyish stains on the teeth can be as a result of bacteria or fungi. Tomato-based sauces or coffee can cause yellow stains. Different elements cause different grades of stains.

There are various that have been carried out involving human teeth or cow teeth extract. All of these studies have been done to determine the factors that might impact the health of the teeth.

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One of such studies was done on a cow’s teeth. The teeth were soaked in three different solutions; white wine, red wine, or black tea for 60 minutes. The study which was done by the New York University revealed that red wine caused the most stain, while black tea left the least stain. However, the combination of black tea and white wine left a strong stain. In this scenario, researchers have indicated that the amount of acid in the white wine makes the enamel more porous, thus allowing the tea to leave a strong stain

Mind you, just because food or drink might stain or discolour your teeth doesn’t mean they are unhealthy.

Even with the shiny white teeth, you can still have infections or cavities. In the same way, you can have a very healthy set of teeth even if they are stained or colored.

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