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Unusual Places to Explore in Cochin with a Self-Drive Car Rental

Unusual Places to Explore in Cochin with a Self-Drive Car Rental: As a famed city and a cultural melting pot, Cochin or Kochi has many sizzling destinations to satisfy your wanderlust. This ancient town boasts several popular attractions like Mattancherry Palace, Jew Town, Fort Cochin, and Marine Drive.

However, it also has many hidden and unexplored landscapes tucked under the mountains and mist.

While using public transport is a budget-friendly way to see the beautiful landscapes, checking out a service where you can rent a car in Cochin is a great way to drive to these unbeaten paths and explore the wonders inside.

Here are some unusual and offbeat destinations you shouldn’t miss.


The natural beauty of Vagamon is beyond words and imagination. This quaint hill station is located just 110 km from Cochin, making it perfect for a road trip. Apart from its natural beauty, Vagamon is a paradise for adventure buffs. You can enjoy mountaineering, paragliding, and trekking to seek the thrill amid nature’s glory.

Choose a jeep or SUV to visit this destination. Since it is slightly off the charts, you won’t find adequate public transportation modes to reach here. A self-drive car is the easiest way to enjoy the freedom of driving, exploring, and sightseeing.

Areekkal Waterfalls

At 35 km from Cochin, Areekkal is truly a hidden gem. It comes along The Pivoram-Muvattupuzha route at Pampakuda Panchayat. If you miss the signboard on the highway, you may miss it entirely. So, be careful when driving from the main city to explore this picnic spot.

The waterfall, with its silvery shimmering water and rubber plantations, is a stunning sight. Plan your visit from June to September to watch the waterfall in its full glory and spend a day camping near the falls.


Perched on Periyar River banks, Kodanad is a tranquil village nearly 50 km from Cochin. The village is famous for elephant training centers, a small zoo, and endless natural beauty. It represents the unspoiled and rustic beauty of God’s own country.

Kodanad is a part of the government’s eco-tourism initiatives, and Kaprikkad Village offers idyllic experiences to the visitors. However, you might want to use a service to rent a car in Cochin so you can drive to this location as you may not find any other cheap and comfortable mode for visiting.


Did you know that Kumbalangi is the country’s first designated eco-tourism spot? Well, this small and serene fishing hamlet is a tiny island blessed with stunning backwaters and an array of mangroves. It is home to the famous Chinese fishing nets that paint a pretty picture against the backdrop of golden sunsets. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes to reach this location from Kochi.

When passing through its magnificent landscapes, admire the artistic attractions like Kalagramam and the historical splendor of Tripunithura Hill Palace. When planning this road trip, make a detailed itinerary, and choose an SUV to explore the land, whether you travel with family or solo.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

The birdwatchers can’t resist this beautiful sanctuary spread over 25 square km and housing 300 species. It is located nearly 60 km toward the northeast Cochin along the Periyar River’s northern banks in Kothamangalam Taluk.

The entire area is blanketed with dense deciduous and evergreen forests providing a perfect habitat for the birds. Once top drive over to this sanctuary, you can spot rare species like drongo, Malabar parakeet, Sri Lankan frogmouth, and hornbill.


The golden, sandy beaches of Mararikulam village offer a serene atmosphere away from the city’s hustle. The beach is just 42 km from Cochin, and it takes one hour to reach from Kochi Airport. Once here, take a dip in the seawaters, take a stroll, plan a local fishing boat cruise, or go kayaking with friends. If you’ve decided to rent a car, you can drive it straight to Mararikulam village before setting off your road trip.


As a small village in Idukki district, Marayur is located 169 km toward Kochi’s east. The village is perched on the slopes of Western Ghats, offering breathtaking sights of lush greenery of sandalwood forests and dolmen buildings. You can also drive to Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, housing over 225 bird species, mugger crocodiles, and rare white bison.

The rock paintings of Attala are another delightful detour when traveling to Marayur. It takes about five hours to cover 170 km from Cochin, but the beauty is worth your driving efforts.

These are some hidden and unexplored attractions that you can visit by renting a self-drive car in Cochin. This way, you can save more money and enjoy the freedom of camping, clicking photos, or simply admiring the natural beauty of these places.

Plan your trip and avail of rental car bookings from a trusted company offering 100% verified vehicles with 24/7 roadside assistance and much more.


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