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Sebastian Cruz Couture – A Luxurious and Rousing Brand

 The lavish fashion brand Sebastian Cruz Couture is distinctive in making pocket squares, suits, shoes, jackets, and more accessories. Regardless of receiving no initial investment from outside sources. The brand has developed significantly over the years and featured prominently in the media and showbiz, recently in Netflix’s Selling Sunset. 

Sebastian Cruz Couture


Sebastian Cruz Couture was founded back in 2013 by the husband and wife team of Cesar and Natasha Cruz. Their first creation included seven unique and glorious pocket squares. Due to their distinctive style, the first round of pocket squares proved to be so successful that the funds produced were able to send this brand to the next level.

How did the brand develop

Over the past seven years, Sebastian Cruz Couture has generated a huge number of fans following on social media, with 134k Facebook fans and 388k Instagram followers. One of the main reasons for the brand’s early development was creating a bespoke machine used to aid in crocheting the pocket squares. The bespoke machine improved the fortune of the company as it allows for production speed of 25 pocket squares per hour. Before the company worked with an expert machine designer, it almost took 40 minutes for a pocket square to be created. The speed of manufacturing and providing the most desired and unique products became one of the reasons for raising the company to a higher level. Other accessories now designed and manufactured by the company include scarfs, cufflinks, belts, bow ties and neckties. 

Where does the brand’s name come from?

Cesar and Natasha plan to name their first child Sebastian, and they incorporated this into the first name of the Company. The second name is from the couple’s surname ‘Cruz.’ The last name ‘Couture’ is selected due to the love of the Cruz couple for handmade products. 

Many people have asked Cesar (the owner of the brand) why he chose to invest in the Menswear brand as an online based establishment and not in brick-and-mortar stores. To answer this question, he gave many reasons: most of his customers generally prefer online shopping, the type of work required to keep physical stores in process, and the increasing expenses of real estate for commercial use. The website of Sebastian Cruz Couture provides a fantastic facility to find the perfect fit for shopping.

Why did the Brand’s franchise program end?

Sebastian Cruz Couture franchised at first, but after a short period, they decided to go in another direction. When asked, Cesar said that he was dissatisfied by the franchise owners. He said that the franchise owners did not put in the required efforts for the brand. While only a few of them could earn five-digit income from the enterprise per month. After that, Natasha and Cesar took their territories back and invested their money on the online business platform instead of offline shops.     

Advice for beginner ambitious design Brands

Though the franchise model did not work for this company. Cesar shared some helpful tips for other brands who want to excel in the fashion business. When asked what he wants to say to the beginner and devoted people of this field. He first said that this market is one of the most difficult ones to penetrate. He added that those who are keen to carry on to this fashion field have to first clearly focus on selling mechanisms like what they want to sell. How they want to sell and who they want to sell to. Fashion brands have to know if they wish to sell high volume, low ticket products. Or if they’re going to create a brand that targets the one percent. He also added that the elite brands which offer lavish items have inclined to keep clients and customers for a lifetime.  

The requirement of idiosyncratic

If you have read above about Sebastian Cruz Couture, you will notice that for a successful company, especially in fashion, you need distinctive products to sell. Let’s see what the expert has to say about it. 

According to Cesar, brands that want to shine in the luxury fashion field should be less focused on viable pricing and spending more time designing and creating something that makes them unique. The uniqueness of your brand must make the customers feel and look fantastic. For this, you must be aware of the trends and demands of the current target customer. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the customer’s feedback. Whether on the website or social media. Because it can help you improve your brand’s products. Ignoring the customer’s feedback and comments can downrate your company in many ways. Many luxury brands fail today as they neglect communication with their customers and hence lose their customer’s loyalty.   

Reinvesting the Profits

As with most things, fashion changes with time which makes it essential to upgrade your brand’s products. In order to bring upgrades to the products, you need financial resources. For this, it is useful to invest a considerable amount of profit money on product development. 

As Cesar said, when the funds from pocket squares gathered. They used for the manufacturing of other products within the brand. He also stated that the business which does not ask for money from elsewhere gets successful in not surrendering its control to someone else.   


To know the latest about Sebastian Cruz Couture. You can follow them on any of the below social media platforms. Such as; Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They are also active on their instagram profile: 

If you are interested in purchasing their one of a kind products then have a look on their official website:

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