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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Leaves Joyce and Hopper Out in the Cold

David Harbour and Winona Ryder completely lose away in the solitude of Russia, despite an otherwise great season.

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2.

Season 4 Leaves Joyce and Hopper Out in the Cold

The question is Season 4 Leaves Joyce and Hopper Out in the Cold in Stranger Things’ concluded with a volume that mostly hit all the right notes thanks to extra-long episodes that felt more like movies. Most of the time, each member of the ensemble cast had a chance to stand out and develop as a character. It also included a terrifying antagonist who wasn’t merely a monster.

The most threatening and exciting aspect of the program up to this point was brought about by him. There is a lot to be grateful for about all that it was able to accomplish in the course of its efforts to reimagine its story. And open up new doors for what the future has in store for it. Fortuitously, much like the first half of the season, the show still has been bogged down by one specific narrative that won’t stop spinning its wheels in neutral. This is unfortunate because the program has the potential to be a lot better.

Do Hopper and Joyce Leave Russia?

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It felt like an odd sidelining of an otherwise engaging character that the production didn’t know what to do with from the moment when David Harbour’s Hopper first became locked in a prison camp in Russia. This feeling persisted for the entirety of the episode.

In spite of his greatest efforts to get away, his narrative never felt like it was going anywhere, and had no clear sense of what was at stake. In volume 2 of season 4 of Stranger Things, Hopper, Murray, and Joyce escape from a Russian prison with Antonov and Yuri (Nikola Yuriko), but that’s only half the struggle. They find a place to hide out in peace while they plot their return to the United States.

Even though Hopper’s potential had been ignored for a considerable amount of time, the show continued to ignore it nonetheless. Despite the fact that Joyce is ultimately successful in getting him out of jail, the show decides to make a 180-degree turn and have them go back inside. It is something that even the characters recognize doesn’t really make any sense. And the reason for this is because it relies on a strange plot device that falls apart on even the most cursory examination.

In spite of the fact that as characters they could have gone anywhere and done virtually anything else. We go back to the comfortable limits of where we just were. It is an unfortunate part that is recurring, and it becomes excruciatingly annoying when it is so restricting to their path. Even if they have brief moments where they are able to bond with one another, the fact that they go back to the jail that they have just exited is a narrative and thematic regression.

They continue on to other adventures, but we don’t really realize how they tie back to the rest of the story until the very end, so we were interested to see if they had any more of those adventures. For Hopper in particular, who has been permanently mired in narrative limbo for the entirety of his tenure on screen, this appears to be a complete and further squandering of his potential as a character.

The fact that Joyce is also forced to deal with this simplistic plotline adds insult to injury and makes the situation even more uninteresting. The whole thing has only one tone, and it’s a horribly underwritten part of a show. On the whole, has some really solid writing in the other segments. In spite of all this, it is much more obvious that the current plot does not measure up to the standards set by the previous one.

The emotional peaks that are reached in the other well-constructed passages are effective because they provide the impression that they are relevant to the show. There was never a moment when you felt anything other than tedium as you saw Hopper wage battle with a massive Demogorgon all by himself. Despite the fact that it is surely something to witness, you never felt anything other than tedium.

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Everything else that is taking place in other parts of the world holds a great deal more significance and weight. All of the deaths of major individuals have a profound impact, foregoing sensation in favor of more realistic and heartbreakingly sad events. Even as the world is very literally torn apart in one instant, this all has a sorrowful and audacious sense to it without going overboard with the playing of its hand, and it becomes quite nuanced.

The fact that you become invested in both the characters and the plotlines is a direct result of the improved writing that has taken place on this show from the beginning of its run. You experience every bereavement through the lens of how it will affect these characters.

Even when it turns some of them around, it still allows the moments to linger in which the people appear to be gone. In spite of the entire science fiction spectacle, it is significantly more absorbing and has a greater impact. All of these sequences move the plot along, exceeding our expectations for what’s possible in this world and breaking the rules that it has established for itself in the process. When it comes to solving problems, they have a lot of creativity.

While this is going on, Hopper is confined to the same prison where he has spent a significant amount of time and is forced to engage in activities such as playing chicken with various creatures. Both he and Joyce get the impression that they have been shut off from practically the entire world, and that they are watching an entirely other show that is devoid of any tension.

Stranger Things Season 4 Story’s Narrative

The entirety of their story’s narrative arc reads less like an in-depth character journey. And more like a linear progression because there is nothing connecting them to the rest of the plot. When they finally do get out of the box and make it back to Hawkins. There is no longer any larger sense of significance to their homecoming there because the box they were held captive in has overshadowed it to such an extent.

Joyce and Hopper continue to stand out whenever they are included in the narrative, despite the fact that practically every other aspect of the plot works quite nicely together. They feel like an afterthought because they take part in a lot of narrative developments that are just there to give them something to do even though those events don’t have any meaningful repercussions.

An otherwise strong season is let down by the show’s most pervasive gaffe, which is a shame because it’s an otherwise strong season. Hopper and Joyce were never able to function well as standalone characters throughout the entirety of Stranger Things. Despite the fact that the show has consistently, centered on the dispersal and subsequent reunion of various individuals.

Even though, it is a relief that their tedious plotline for this season has finally come to an end. It should have thankfully come to an end a good deal earlier. No matter what happens next the only way to make this aspect of the show better is to include them once more in the group rather than isolating them to such a great extent. Season 4 Leaves Joyce and Hopper Out in the Cold is a riddle.

This is the aspect of the program that has the most potential for growth. Even though Hopper’s potential had been ignored for a considerable amount of time, the show continued to ignore it nonetheless. Despite the fact that Joyce is ultimately successful in getting him released. The show opts to make a 180-degree turn and have them sent back to jail.


What happens to Hopper and Joyce in Season 4?

Joyce, Murray, and Hopper escaped and then re-entered prison in Russia in order to seal a minor portal made by the Russians in an attempt to use Demogorgons and Demodogs for their own personal advantage. Joyce and Hopper were finally reunited after such a long period, and Murray had a pretty cool flamethrower moment.

How does Joyce find out Hopper is alive?

The shocking information that Hopper is still alive is unveiled in the very first episode of the show. Joyce discovers that he is still alive thanks to a cryptic message that was hidden inside of a Russian doll. She convinces Murray to help her so that the two of them can dial a number, which ultimately brings them to a man named Enzo.

How does Hopper escape in season 4?

It is a good thing that Hopper has a lot of experience fighting monsters since he manages to light a spear using some alcohol and a lighter. While he is distracting the Demogorgon, Murray and Joyce seize control of the prison’s control room and unlock the entrance, allowing Hopper and Enzo, who was former guard, to flee.

Why did Joyce leave Hawkins?

It is made very obvious in the fourth season of Stranger Things that the Byers moved to California in order to begin a fresh life away from Hawkins. Despite their best efforts, Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and Eleven are unable to discover the happiness they were looking for.

Is Joyce in love with Hopper?

Because, in all honesty, without him, Joyce would never have needed to travel all the way to Russia to save Hopper, which is evidence of the depth of her affection for the man who used to serve as the sheriff of Hawkins. In order for Hopper to proceed, he required that additional piece of comfort.

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