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Russian Brides vs Vietnamese Wives

Who Makes The Better Life Partner? Russian Brides vs Vietnamese Wives 

Unlike Russian brides, Vietnamese brides are artless, polite, and hardworking the untold an interesting story about choosing a Russian Brides vs Vietnamese Wives, Who Makes the Better Life Partner?“Despite all the minuses, do not forget that you will not drag a Russian woman (trash this age) at the age of 20 at all, and in terms of behaviour, Russian women are the most terrible thing on the planet according to all kinds of “tourists”.I think it is no secret to anyone that the dating business in Vietnam is one of the largest in the Asian region.

1. New research about Russian Brides vs Vietnamese Wives

According to the latest data, every year from 300 to 400 thousand Vietnamese brides take their new husbands abroad …”And then the blogger cites a text well-known on social networks about how crazy demand Vietnamese brides are among Europeans and Americans. So the Russian men also decided to try and did not lose, because many of them also believe that Russian women allow themselves too many liberties.

2. Dating agencies of Vietnam

Meanwhile, in the dating agencies of Vietnam, which had long been aware that you can earn extra money on your girls, a year ago, prices for brides began from 9 thousand dollars. Moreover, this amount includes a formal wedding, registration and other bureaucratic procedures.

In addition, the groom receives an official certificate that part of the money went to buy the bride. You can also buy a guarantee, according to which, if God forbid the bride runs away, they will find a new bridegroom. Here is an amazing website provide you with valuable information in different niches like Movies, Daramas, Technology and Comedy movies etc which helps to empower your knowledge

Outfits of the Russian brides and Vietnamese brides

The Vietnamese do not attach much importance to the registration ceremonies, but a holiday in a restaurant is an event. A bride for a wedding celebration can change several dresses, while in addition to a white dress she can wear a red, pink or bright yellow robe (and there will certainly be several traditional dresses of Vietnamese women among dresses. Here two loneliness and meet.

1. Affordable wedding in Vietnam

A wedding in Vietnam is inexpensive by Chinese standards. Invite a girl for coffee costs only, make a gift to the family of the chosen one – 100 USD. A banquet for 80 people in a decent restaurant will cost 10,000 USD. Almost any Chinese man who decided to try his luck in Vietnam feels at least a wealthy person, and that is how people around him feel about him.

2. Amazing qualities of beautiful Russian Brides vs Vietnamese Wives

And if you add to this the fact that Vietnamese girls are beautiful, hardworking, able to cook, do not chase expensive gifts and do not consider their husband obligated to shower them with money – it is not surprising that this is just manna from heaven.

Meeting with guests

At the beginning of the celebration, the bride and groom stand at the entrance to the hall and receive many guests. They give young people money in envelopes. At the entrance, there can be a special box in the form of a heart in which gifts are placed. In this case, like at a Russian wedding, the costs can fully pay o, and if the relatives of the young are generous with gifts, then the husband and wife can remain in a good plus.

The Vietnamese brides are our women, here it is considered to be a great success to marry a Russian. Moreover, the Vietnamese girls tend to mostly jump out for a foreigner: for a German, a Swede. Or for the Koreans. Even the Chinese marry willingly. Although the Chinese in Vietnam historically do not like. I don’t like to visit for some time, you don’t know what you will run into once the owners filed a fried dog.

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