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Roles and functions of an HR professional

A company is nothing without its hard-working employees. Every firm succeeds through its development team, sales and marketing team, customer service, and many more. The HR department becomes the most vital department that ensures they hire the right talent for all the teams.

As the manager of human resources, they have lots of responsibilities and duties. Right from the hiring process, training, ensuring the smooth running of the teams to the exiting of an employee – an HR dons a lot of hats. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of an HR,

Job analysis

We see so many job postings on job search platforms. All the jobs mention a certain amount of requirements. It also describes the job’s day-to-day functions, roles, and responsibilities of the candidate. Usually, curated by the HR of the companies that are seeking to hire new professionals.

HR meets the team lead who has additional requirements for employees. They also talk through the demands and provisions that the manager is looking for. HR also mentions the basic parameters to apply for the job like the qualification and experience (if any required).

The responsibility does not end here. An HR is also required to analyze the employee’s position in the company and his immediate report person. It also includes understanding the salary and incentives along with the work schedule. Analyzing additional information includes if there are any job rotations, career growth, etc.

Hiring process

It can be considered as the most interesting as well as the most tiresome process for HR. They get to interact with various potentials and get to know their strengths and weaknesses. However, they have to screen multiple profiles and decline many candidates to finalize just a handful.

Sometimes, HR screens the profiles through job portals and social media platforms and reaches out to the candidates themselves. It can get a little tricky when you can’t find the contact email address of the person. In such scenarios, email search tools come in handy. One such productive tool is It is an email finder tool powered by AI. that fetches you multiple email addresses in just a matter of seconds.

It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So, when you search for profiles on this media platform, you will also access their email addresses effortlessly. It is time-saving and highly efficient.

Training the resources and their development

Once the hiring process finishes, HR onboards the candidate and introduces them to the company and its policies. It includes training the newly hired employees with tools and methods to follow the work process.

The HR team is responsible for the quality of the training and its materials. And it needs to be compliant with the policies and procedures of the industry. The training material should be interactive so that the employee understands the process efficiently.

The overall idea is to have the employee upskilled as per the manager’s requirements of a given team. Every different process has different ways of working. The HR needs to create the training as per the process and keep updating them periodically.

Workplace policy structure

The day-to-day activities that an employee performs without fail are devised by HR and their team. The policies are placed to balance the interests of employees and employers as well. This rigorous plan differs from firm to firm. And it avoids any issues and smoothens the productivity flow.

The system usually includes employee attendance, time tracking, leave policies, salary structure, standard operating procedures, policies against harassment, and bigotry. Having these in place constitutes a transparent platform for employees and employers to reach out to each other.

The HR team needs to comply with the government laws of the state and the country. They necessitate ensuring that it doesn’t violate or break the federal employment rules.

Preserve the work culture

HR has to look out for the team to secure that they are abiding by the policies and procedures. All work and no play will make things uninteresting for the employees, so HR should also ideate games that keep the workplace fun and interesting. A positive environment drives the employee to work better.

HR should also be aware of the company’s visions & missions to encourage the employees with a positive outlook. Apart from maintaining the company’s brand image out in the market, HR also looks out to resolve internal conflicts and ensure safety for their employees.

Overall, HR is the master of all trades in the organization. So, he/she is always required to keep their guards up to manage any shortcomings. HR has much more to do than just administrative duties, the role extends to keep harmony amongst the employees.

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