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How the Boys Season 2 Evades Pitfall of the Show

How do you follow up a successful superhero TV show with a hook of casual brutal gore, vulgarity, and messed up situations? You must go bigger, bolder, and even more appalling to one-up yourselves by imitating the same formula. Mean to say, at least, that’s the tested approach for almost everything in Hollywood. But where the Boys season 2 differs itself is by doing somewhat totally different in the season. So here are we are with The Boys season 2 reviews that tell you exactly how the Boys Season 2 Evades Pitfall of the Show finally.

The Boys Season 1 Quick Recap of the Plot

The Boys Season 1 introduced us to the world of superheroes, more or less, limitless power. The usual corruption, greed, and general sense of entitlement come along with that power that usually follows. The shocking was it all happening with super-powered people. Imagine a usual crime thriller having characters with super strength of fast running, and flying. Its de-construction in the real world of what superheroes could mean is an amazing concept that already blew our minds. That meant that they needed to establish the world that’s why most of the viewers couldn’t focus on the nitty-gritty of lead characters except for Butcher, Hughie, and Starlight to some extent. Season 2 improvised on all of that.

Season 2 Is All About Dem Feels!

It wasn’t too obvious that where The Boys season 2 was going with the first 3 episodes debuted on Prime Video. But by the end of those initial 3 episodes, everyone knew it was going to be a different season. Season 2 opened with a comparison of the daily lives of Hughie and Starlight. And the season was just about the characters on this adventure journey to stamp the corporate greed out. While season 1 was mostly about Vought, the immoral corporation, injecting the chemical into babies, season 2 was about those characters. This means that things still blew-up just like a giant whale and too many heads. The scope of the story was much smaller and surgical which seemed, in so many ways totally in service with the season’s overall quality and Evades Pitfall of the Show.

Two Different but Alike Origins in the Boys Season 2

Season 2 showed a lot about Butcher’s backstory. And yeah, so much back story. Butcher began the season as an uncaring behavior. His focus was to get back his wife and it was unrelentingly tough for everyone around him. He involved Hughie and his friend M. M. But after his wife, Becca declines to escape with him giving Butcher feelings of her super-powered son that he has to review his goals in life.

The Boys season 2 also introduces Butcher’s family, his aunt who deals in drugs, his barbaric abusive father, and his caring mother. What pushed Butcher over the edge, we learned by them. His father’s abuse resulted in the suicide of his brother. No doubt he takes Homelander’s belittling power so personally. At the same time, his very own hard behavior comes from the direct offense of his father.

The Importance of Story while Shaping a Villain or a Hero

It’s a great turning point realizing his values. As a man with his own issues, Butcher is now better responsible for raising his deceased wife’s son. At least making sure that the son did not rise with the same hate as him (Homelander) thus, fending him off from becoming a cruel superhero, for his own selfish needs. It’s an incredibly interesting dynamic of Superman stories.

For years, comics’ stories analyzed the fact behind the superman’s hyper-morality and reputable nature was the result of the influence of his human parents. Homelander, for what he looks and does is the direct opposite of that, a superhero rose in the lab, without an element of love, becomes a psychotic-man with god-like capacities and powers which is one of the best things of season 2.

 How the Boys Show Makes Prediction for Season 3

The Boys season 3 already has been green-lighted. So this slowing down the plot in choice for more character-driven moments only creates hypes for the next 3rd season. Now as they’ve established the characters, creator of the season Eric Kripke and the writers can make them go nuts in the next plot. There is a huge story beats left hanging or unresolved for them to take an advantage of.

The finale reviews have the politician Victoria come out as a Supe who we thought to be an ally. To support her agenda, she’s blowing up heads till the end of the season which is yet unknown. And now Hughie is working for her campaign to contribute to society and things are getting grips. Homelander is still a danger; despite Maeve suppress Homelander by portraying him as a psycho with the people. Not wishing to be hated, as part of his insecure need for love, Homelander gives it away. He agrees to leave his son with Butcher and leaving Starlight and Maeve behind.

He is still a risk to world welfare, given his absolute psychotic nature. So there is a lot to unpack in season 3 after the emotional route the season 2 was. The exciting wait for season 3 is just going to be that much harder with Jensen Ackles on the storyboard.

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