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Replace your dead laptop battery with a brand new laptop battery with a warranty

Replace your dead laptop battery with a brand new laptop battery with a warranty

Replacement laptop battery means to easily remove and replace your laptop battery, but If the laptop does not have a user-serviceable battery, you need to contact the laptop manufacturer so they can crack your laptop open and changes the battery. A battery replacement may cost from $20 to $50. It can sometimes be much affordable or even several hundred dollars.

The overall life of a laptop battery is between two to four years or around 1000 full charges. The lifespan of a laptop battery depends on the battery model, battery age, and how much the battery is used.

The proper care of a laptop battery is necessary so it can retain a long life and change. Leaving the laptop plugged in is not actually bad for the battery lifespan but be careful about heat and other factors to prevent it from damage and early battery consumption. Choose the settings for your battery that consumes less battery. Such settings include to reduce the brightness level of your laptop and set it to change automatically. By turning on battery optimization and turning off the keyboard sounds and vibrations, you can also save battery and add restrictions to apps with high battery consumption.

The laptop works just fine even without the battery but makes sure to use the original power adapter that comes with a laptop.

How to replace your laptop battery?

To restore your laptop battery with a new one, you need to follow the simple steps:

  • Turn off your laptop then disconnect the adapter.
  • Release the attachment devices or latch that keep the laptop battery in place.
  • Remove the old battery.
  • Now put aside the replacement battery into the storage bay.

Generally, when the driver of a laptop is irreparable, you need to change it over buying a new laptop. When this situation happens, make sure to replace the laptop drive with the one in a working condition.

When it comes to buying a new laptop battery, it is a little expensive but still less than buying an entirely new laptop. So try to replace the laptop battery at the point where it holds 80% or less of its original charge. But If you think that a bad battery affects the performance of your laptop, then you are wrong as it does not affect the performance rather if you are using the laptop when the laptop is at a critical or very low level, then the laptop will not charge well even if it is on power-saving mode.

When the laptop battery is about to expire, suddenly it becomes useless. No matter how well you use it, it will eventually expire, and it does not hold the charge anymore. Then you require to replace your laptop battery as early as possible because that battery can damage your laptop.

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