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Reasons Your Tomato Leaves Are Turning Yellow & How To Fix It

Yellowing leaves tend to set off panic in tomato gardeners. A plant previously in good health turning from green to yellow causes alarm and consequences in frantic fixes that could do more damage than properly. However, yellow leaves on tomato flowers are an extremely commonplace hassle that countless tomato gardeners come across at a while over the developing duration.

Most regularly, the trouble is a clean fix (like wrong watering), or may not also be a motive for alarm at all. These seven issues are the maximum common reasons for tomato leaves turning yellow. Identify the problem (if there is one in any respect), apply the restore, and your plant life might be lower back to every day very quickly.

1. The Seed Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Reasons Your Tomato Leaves Are Turning Yellow & How To Fix It

Okay, allow’s simply cover this one first because it’s one of the most commonplace worries for brand spanking new tomato growers and shouldn’t be a worry at all.

If the leaves beneath are turning yellow on your young tomato plant life or seedlings, don’t worry. These are the seed leaves (additionally referred to as cotyledons). They are the first leaves to shape while the seeds germinate however aren’t “authentic” leaves. It is a part of the improvement technique that these leaves turn yellow and fall off and is simply nothing to fear about.

2. Watering Problems

Reasons Your Tomato Leaves Are Turning Yellow & How To Fix It

The maximum possible reason for yellowing leaves on tomato flora is incorrect watering. Watering is a practice many gardeners get wrong – occasionally via imparting the plant with too little water, but often with the aid of presenting too much. Take have a look at our total manual for watering tomato plant life right here.

In our efforts to keep the flora happy, gardeners may also overdo it at the care front and supply the plant with a way greater water than it wishes in fear that the soil will dry out. The excess water within the soil can suffocate the roots and purpose them to rot. As the roots are broken and there may be less oxygen within the soil, there’s much less oxygen to be had to the leaves, inflicting them to turn yellow and drop off.

The Fix

You will in all likelihood understand if watering is the offender by way of assessing your watering behavior. If you have water when the top layer of soil remains moist, or if the soil has become waterlogged, overwatering is probable the purpose. If the leaves are wilting and the plant is suffering to stand upright (or in case you understand you’ve forgotten a watering session or two), underwatering is your perpetrator.

Correct watering is crucial to the fitness of your tomato flowers. Check the soil every day and handiest water when the plant certainly desires it – about when the pinnacle 1 or 2 inches of soil has dried out.

3. Soil Compaction

Reasons Your Tomato Leaves Are Turning Yellow & How To Fix It

A similar hassle takes place while the soil around your tomato plant life has inadequate aeration. The roots do no longer have access to sufficient oxygen and begin to suffocate. The roots can not ship the oxygen, water, and different nutrients for the duration of the plant. This causes the leaves to show yellow and is a sign that the plant is on its way out.

The Fix

Depending on how established the roots are, you may aerate the soil yourself with the aid of loosening it along with your fingers. However, that is likely to harm the foundation system and may reason extra issues. It is fine to begin the plant inaccurate soil enriched with natural rely on to avoid this trouble altogether.

Soil compaction is frequently caused by taking walks on the soil, so developing tomatoes in raised beds or huge pots is one way to clear up the difficulty.

4. Transplant Shock


If you’ve lately transplanted your seedlings (around every week or two before) and be aware of yellowing leaves on the bottom of the plant, transplant surprise is probably the cause. When seedlings are moved from a heat spot – indoors or a greenhouse – to bloodless soil outdoors, they want time to modify to their new situations.

The surprise can cause the bottom few leaves of the plant to turn yellow. Luckily, this is just a short phase of adjustment. As lengthy as the new boom is green and healthful, there’s no reason for alarm. The yellow leaves will sooner or later drop off and the plant will return to exact fitness.

5. Diseases


One of the extra insidious causes of yellowing leaves is a disease. Several tomato plant sicknesses purpose yellow leaves, and many of them are hard to tackle once established. The first wrongdoer is early blight, as a result of a fungus inside the soil. Luckily, this hassle is straightforward to identify. In the decrease leaves, a pale-yellow spot will seem, turning into a darkish brown patch with yellow at the edges. If left untreated, the whole leaf will turn yellow and drop off.


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