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Raya and the Last Dragon: Finally, the Teaser Trailer Released!

Finally, Disney has released the official teaser trailer of Raya and the Last Dragon. Verily, it’s a bonus for adventure and fantasy lovers. Just be ready to witness the adventurous journey of Disney’s new warrior, Raya, and the last living dragon of Kumandra. The computer-animated adventurous fantasy film will be arriving in theaters on 12 March 2021. So, a little bit more wait, and boom!

Raya and the Last Dragon (Upcoming Computer-animated Film)

Disney is all set to feature a new female-warrior named Raya: In the upcoming computer-animated film, you’ll witness the adventurous journey of Raya and the Last Dragon.

You think that a lone warrior is vulnerable but take my word: A lone warrior with a strong will power to succeed is unbeatable. The same is in the case of Raya, who’s although alone but strong and determined enough to save her people.

As the title depicts, this film revolves around a warrior girl named Raya who with the help of the last dragon intends to save their people from the wrath of an evil force.
In the premise of the film, it has been stated that there was a time when humans and dragons used to live together until an evil force loused up everything in the world of Kamundra. In order to save their people, the dragons of Kamundra sacrificed themselves. However, only one left behind: alive but lost. Unfortunately, 500 years later, the evil force returned (The name of the evil hasn’t been unveiled yet).

So, here comes the beginning of the story: On the return of the same evil, Raya, a lone warrior will take the responsibility to go and find the legendary last dragon. She swears to prove other people wrong about the existence of the dragons. She believes that there’s the last dragon who’s not a legend and truly exists. So, she goes on to find the last dragon and seek her help to fight the evil who’s threatening the peace of their world.

Let’s see how Raya will be able to find out the Last Dragon, and will the dragon help the people of Kamundra?

How Raya and the Last Dragon Will Save Kamundra?

Well, interestingly, there’s a lot more to the story: in the premise, it has stated that “it will take more than a dragon to defeat the evil”. It means that it isn’t the power of the Last Dragon that can end the evil, in fact, it is the unity and teamwork of the people of Kamundra that will make them strong enough to defeat the evil once and for all. Moreover, the Kamundrians have to believe in themselves, and the dragon to be able to access their inner power to defeat the evil.

So, in s nutshell, about how Raya and The Last Dragon will save Kamundra, they will not do it alone: the people of Kamundra altogether will defeat the evil.

Who’s the Evil Force Which is Threatening the Peace of Kamundra?

About the identity of the evil force who’s threatening the peace of Kamundrians, it hasn’t been revealed yet. In the premise, the makers have mentioned the threat by addressing it as “an evil force”. So, we are still unaware of who’s the evil force, what is its name, and purpose.

However, there’s one thing we know for sure: the evil force has returned after 500 years to rule Kamundra and make their lives miserable with his wrath.

Who’s the Last Dragon?

The name of the Dragon is Susi, and she’s a water dragon, the last of her kind. The most interesting fact about the last dragon is that she can transform herself into a human being.

Indeed, it’s gonna be exciting, and exhilarating to see a water dragon transforming into a charming lady.

Will Raya and the Last Dragon Release in Theaters?

On March 12, 2021, The computer-animated adventure fantasy film, Raya and The Last Dragon will release in the theaters (US).

For sure, you will love watching this new computer-animated adventurous movie as this is full of adventure, action, emotions, and love! If you have watched, Moana, Frozen, Avatar, , and The Legend of Korra then you’ll surely love it !

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