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Rajat Khare : Towards Tomorrow

Most of us work for a better tomorrow. How many of us have the vision to make a better tomorrow. Certainly; the amount is very refined and less. This is how exclusive people dedicate their life and gain the greater good. Just like Rajat Khare has done over the years.

This evergreen personality is known as an internet age investor. We all have heard science people are geeks, they are always studying and discovering things a commerce guy can’t even imagine.

Rajat has proved them all wrong. He graduated from Delhi, IIT. One of the most prestigious science and technology institutions in India. After that founded his company and gave a new meaning to investment and marketing.

According to the latest info he is investing in currently seven ventures, after parting ways with ‘ Asteria Aerospace ‘. This is an Indian aerospace startup which emphasizes on building unmanned AI technology to enrich both the military and mining industry.

Let’s get to know more about this mysterious business Magnet:

Basic Information:

Apart from being a successful serial investor and keynote speaker in more than 20 international business summits, he is an excellent writer. No doubt he knows to keep his audiences hooked in every way.

Make the Move – Demystifying Entrepreneurship is his masterpiece in business strategy. But this was not only a business move but a guideline for the newbie investors and wannabee business freaks.

Millions of people are investing in almost every possible sector. But how do only seven investments have made the boundary holding a brand? Did you ever wonder?  We also were very curious and tried to dig out a bit. If you see the results, you will know yourself the reason why the Internet is breaking down over Rajat Khare.

Investment :

XR vision:

Firstly; this Singapore-based company provides expert analytics on video content. In this era, people are going crazy over YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, and such platforms. How do you think the stars here maintain the traffic?  Of course, the answer is video analysis. Millions of customers depend on XR’s vision.

Also, they provide a facial recognition service. Most of the high-tech laboratories and offices are their clients.


Secondly; this German-based company is working on AI infrastructure development. In the future, this is going to be our future. With better logistics and transportation policies there will be less energy consumption, less environmental pollution, and better compliance. This is how boundary holding is walking towards tomorrow with every step.


Thirdly; this French start-up is focusing on the automatic protection of vulnerable infrastructures which include the monitoring of UAV.


Fourthly; this cyber startup is working on the AI security of unmanned vehicles. Sounds in sequence with the work of Asteria Aerospace corporation?  Yes, you are right. This is what Rajat Khare is doing. He is not building a company. He is building a network that will work together, side by side to make a better future.


Moreover; this is again a French startup. This ensures better transportation and logistics by improving the Local Landing System (Lo Las).


In Addition; this works on manufacturing UAVs. This is the latest venture of Khare (2020), under the banner of Boundary Holding.


Lastly; this one works for better planet protection by improving the greenery, known as cleantech. This proves Rajat Khare is not a businessman. He is an investor. He invests in the future.

Boundary holding is defining the boundary of the future every day. Next-gen AI, deep data analytics, med tech, unmanned vehicles are the pillars on which our future depends. If you have the potential to think beyond the limit and take the challenge, welcome to Boundary Holding.

Abubakar Bilal
Abubakar Bilal
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