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PUBG PC Lite Version V/S Original PC version: Which One is better?

The PUBG PC version is the famous game as well as most concerned version. Fans really want to play pc version; however, there are many obstacles.

One of the essential things is the requirements of the pc version. The requirements are so high, and one important crucial thing is a good internet connection to get smooth play.

PUBG franchise launched a lite version for mobile and pc. Pc and mobile version has its own impacts, and the lite version is also perfect for both platforms. So PUBG lite version is user-friendly for this generation.

Better Graphics

PC lite version has better graphics as compared to the emulator. An emulator is a pc version of mobile while pc lite is a mixture of pc version and emulator. Therefore PUBG lovers prefer lite version over emulator.


PUBG PC gameplay is based on the pc version. It is a significant advantage for the lite version. Due to it game gives smooth run on mobile graphics and mechanics of pc version.

System Requirements

One of the major factors is the system requirement. The lite version requires the same hardware on which run emulators. However, PUBG Pc requires heavy hardware. So the lite version is best ion low requirement devices.


PUBG PC and emulators have many bugs because they are badly optimized. The emulator does not use GPU in terms of rendering. CPU enhances the game performance that results in much input lag. However Pc lute version has not such a problem.

Downsizing sales

Lite PC version affects the sales of the original version. PC lite is available for free whereas original PC available in $14 on stream.

So a lite version is more influential because it requires low space and requirements. Therefore, fans of the lite version are increasing day by day.


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