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PUBG PC Lite: Missing Features Must be Added in the game!

PUBG PC has many amazing features in terms of Battle Royale Segment. The game is getting better day by day. The modified features of PUBG amaze everyone. However, some features are still missing.

New Vehicle: BRDM – 2

In PUBG PC, there is an incredible vehicle that gives you the chills of Battlefield and Call of Dut. BRDM-2 is a mini tank and can tolerate up to 2500 HP.


Maps are one of the still missing features in PUBG PC Lite. If it is in the game, then there could be a massive advantage for the franchise.

Replay System

This game is also lacking the feature of Replay System. If it is present in the game, there could be ease for the users. Replays and Death Cam are not the game part, but if they arrive, that will be good.

Ledge Grab

Ledge gran is one pf another feature, and with the help of it, players can jump from one roof to another. This feature is present in PUBG PC but absent in lite version. So PUBG PC Lite still want to acquire this for the version.

Kill Distance

One important feature is the Kill distance. With this feature, you can target the person after neutralization. Kill Distance feature also aware about the RP missions.

Gas Can damage

There will be many damages due to exploded of gas cans. It is due to bullets. Therefore Gas Can could be used as explosives in the game.

PUBG PC Lite want to add these features so that could provide a complete overhaul to the players.

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