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PS5 Has Launched – But Where Can You Get One Now?

PlayStations are one of the trendiest electronics nowadays. Thanks to the modern advancements in the gaming world that have made video games for people of all ages and abilities to have varied entertainment. People all over the world enjoy games at home. Nowadays, people of every age are playing video games online. PS5 has just been launched and people have not been able to find one. Several online shops such as GameStock are well known for finding the best PS5 console deals. Unique features and accessories have made Sony PlayStation 5 worth-buying. Some are the most significant details of why to buy PS5 are as follows.


The first reason to consider. 1) It has multiple faster CPUs powered by an AMD Ryzen custom chip and a Zen2, that has eight cores and almost 16 threads. These two specifications have taken the Call of Duty Cold War to a whole new level. Moreover, it has a faster memory and faster 8k graphics that makes it suitable for ultra HD gaming. FIFA 21 NXT Level plays much smoother and in greater detail than ever before. Some say it is scripted, but to some extent, we like that.

Choice of Hardware

For the first time, Sony has made two systems. A PS5 Digital Edition which can only play digital games (£349) and the insertable disc PS5 825GB (£449) which includes a built-in optical drive to play Blu-ray and 4K UHD media. It has not yet offered expandable SSD support, unlike Xbox Series X which does. Nintendo Switch is the second most popular console after PS4 1TB. The Xbox One X was well-loved by Microsoft’s customer’s however it was soon discontinued.


The lowest price next-gen console is the Xbox Series S, similar to the X except smaller. The Xbox Series S competes with PS4 at the same UK price, currently £249. The Xbox Series X and PS5 again are price matched both at £449.


Many of the new titles will be delivered digitally. The game disc days are slowly numbered. One such advantage with digital is that it’s always in stock.

An army of bots has been scrambling to find the stock. Some said there are groups of scalpers buying consoles in great numbers to sell at inflated prices.

Websites can be a great deal easier than visiting shopping malls to find Xbox and PS5 consoles in stock. To date, no Xbox or PS5 bundles have been announced yet either.  For help also in finding game stock in the UK, I was able to get mine with quick link alert from here: GameStock


Both the next-gen systems have backward compatible with games and accessories. However, you will not want to use PS4 accessories anymore.

PlayStation 5 has a whole range of new accessories that fully support the games: All white, Dualsense controller, the charging dock, the Pulse 3D headset all made by Sony especially for the PS5 only.

Microsoft has nothing new here. The Series X controller and accessories are all taken from the Xbox One, compatible with X|S.


Another specification of PS5 is its unique sound apps. PS5 has built-in sound 3D audio for better game effects. The Pulse 3D headset is not necessary but recommended. Their past headsets proved to be brittle, let us hope these are stronger quality. Turtle Beach has a new range of headsets out for next-gen consoles, the support of 3D audio is done via the hardware, not the headset.


When we talk about which games device is better, we find the answer with the first party games. Sony has its own Studios. Their games take years to create and cost in excess of millions to produce titles such as The Last of Us 2, and Gran Turismo 7.

Nintendo makes the majority of the Mario games exclusively for the Switch and Switch Lite. The 3D look and feel of adventure Mario games never disappoint fans.

Microsoft however, they have closed many studios and has turned towards XCloud for 3rd party titles over the cloud on any Xbox compatible PC/Mobile and even Android.  Some of the most anticipated titles are delayed or shelved. There is still a long way to go before we start seeing the best of Xbox’s new editions.

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