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Pros and Cons of Virtual Dating 

Pros and Cons of Virtual Dating

Online dating has become increasingly popular in the last decade. It is a way of meeting a life partner that is socially acceptable for people of all ages.

In the fallout of the novel coronavirus, a new trend to online dating is emerging: virtual dating.

Video calls on platforms such as Skype and Zoom have helped to facilitate dates between people meeting online. Online dating websites have also added this feature to make it easier for people to connect through the platform.

In the post-lockdown world, virtual dating is becoming the new normal. But whilst some people see virtual dating as a way of building a relationship, other people find it overwhelming or simply dislike the concept.

Whilst online dating provides singles with more opportunities to meet potential partners, only 39% of couples met through a dating app. People will typically encounter disappointment before meeting the right person.

Virtual dating helps singles save time, money, and hassle. Whilst it’s not for everyone, once you become more accustomed to going on a date in the comfort of their own home, you will recognize the value in it.

Pros of Virtual Dating

Online dating sites enable users to match people with the same interests. However, this does not always mean your personalities are compatible.

When you’re communicating with someone through a screen, it’s harder to build a rapport. When you do strike a connection with someone, you know you have chemistry.

Consequently, you can filter out matches that are not suitable. Ultimately, you identify potential partners that are most compatible in a far shorter period of time.

In addition, virtual dating is far less expensive. You don’t have to leave the house so there is no traveling involved and you spend less on food and drink.

You also avoid that awkward moment at the end of the night where you kiss. Or don’t kiss. It’s awkward.

Should the virtual dating progress on to a dinner date, you also get the opportunity to see your potential partner’s culinary skills. Are they knocking up something organic and tasty or have they thrown a frozen meal in the microwave

Cons of Virtual Dating

Getting to know someone through a computer screen will feel pretty weird at first. It’s understandable why some people don’t like the concept.

There will probably be more awkward moments as well. Glitches in technology and delays will mean you probably both speak at the same time. How you deal with these moments are relationship builders.

Communicating through a computer can also make people more nervous. When you’re dating IRL, there are certain cues like touching an arm that indicates you like the other person. This can help calm the nerves and help you relax.

Dating can be tense at the best of times, but virtual dating has an artificial quality that makes it better to engage with somebody as well as you might in person.

However, you can take these negatives and turn them into positives when finding the right partner. If your virtual dates go well, then you’re more likely to have met the right person.