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Proof that a Hoodie is the Most Versatile Piece in Your Wardrobe

Proof that a Hoodie is the Most Versatile Piece in Your Wardrobe

The first appearance of hoodies goes way back to ancient Greece and Rome as an art form- through cloaks and a cape-like sweatshirt with a hood attached. In the Middle Ages, monks wore “cowls” or hooded tunics closely similar to what people call “hoodies” now. Every other worker working outside had to wear hoods attached in their capes to protect themselves from rain and snow (they are commonly named “chaperons”). It had to be as simple as possible, and the common purpose was to protect them against harsh weather.

Hoodies came first from sweatshirts, and the 1970s gave birth to the rise of what people wear today. The New York Hip Hop culture popularity continued to rise, and so did the hoodies. Notably, graffiti artists wore hoodies to conceal their identities from the police for illegal tagging in public places.

Fast-forwarding to the 20th century, the negative connotation that hoodies are only worn by petty criminals vanished. The hoodie was finally classified in sportswear collections, and Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are the primary industry that houses them. Hoodie Most Versatile Piece in Your Wardrobe

Hoodies in an Everyday Classic Look

Now, you can buy men’s hoodies online. The modern fashion would not be similar without the iconic hoodie. This garment is worn across age groups, social classes, and wherever you are in the world. It is somewhat sophisticated and very urban when worn in a certain way, but how versatile could it be?

How Versatile are Hoodies?

1. Smart Casual

 Smart casual is a matter of the smartness of your clothes rather than style. A well-fitted hoodie could do wonders in luxe material beneath a softer tailored jacket over a button polo. Combine it with some tailored trousers and a casual semi leather sneaker to bring a new taste.

A hoodie can be too casual, but if you wear it with chinos, they blend less formal. Put on a polo shirt as well, and you hit that sweet spot of smart casual.

If you are still in doubt, check out the Italians. They have this innate ability to balance out proportion and neatness over hoods.

2. Hoodies for Streetwear

Hoodies might not be the most fashion-forward garment in your wardrobe, but it is practical and comfortable. If you are into streetwear but without trying to hype it, try out the combination of a bomber jacket with a hoodie. While the blend is not as classic as the sleazy look, it works just as well because of the men’s hoodies’ casual style and the bombers’ popularity.

To achieve the best combination, buy men’s hoodies online with zippers on classic colors such as grey, black, or brown. Pair it up with any bomber; it can be nylon, wool, or leather-sleeved. For the bottoms, just wear some dark colour jeans and a stylish sneaker. The result is modern city life with a touch of athleisure influence.

3. Hoodies for Athleisure

One of the most comfortable athleisure pieces is your hoodie. A hoodie always has its masculine look, to tone that down, some embellish their ears with statement earrings in the form of diamonds or the like.

If you do not want to go down with the athleisure trend, skip the sneakers for a while and instead pair it with your boots for a more exquisite and grown-up appearance. If you have a choker necklace or a scarf, try bringing it out to instantly give you the 90s grunge vibe.

Hoodies are so versatile you can wear them all year long in various styles. It is that one piece of garment that could stay upfront in your wardrobe, whether it is snowing or 90 degrees outside. There are many cozy and stylish clothes this season, but surely, it is worth considering having more than one great hoodie instead. And like always, you can incorporate hoodies in whatever style you want.