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New ‘Prey for the Devil’ Featurette Spotlight’s Horror’s First Female Exorcist [Exclusive]

On October 28, “Prey for the Devil” will spook a theatre near you.

The majority of the time in horror movies with the special theme of exorcism, the female characters in the film either do not play a significant role in the plot or are the ones who become possessed. In horror films, female protagonists rarely take on the role of exorcists, with the notable exception of Vera Farmiga’s portrayal of Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring film series. In spite of the fact that this does not negate the fact that women wield an astounding amount of power in the horror genre, it does serve to differentiate Prey for the Devil from the films that came before it.

With an exclusive revelation, we bring you a brand new behind-the-scenes featurette that focuses on Jacqueline Byers’ character, Sister Ann, as she prepares to become the first female exorcist in seven hundred years. In the featurette, Byers’ co-star Christian Navarro gives high praise for her work, noting that she provides “a strong, well-produced, multi-dimensional performance,” and that the picture is “integral” for any horror lover.

Navarro also called Byers’s performance “multi-dimensional.” Both the film’s producer, Jessica Malanaphy, and director, Daniel Stamm, spoke about how they wanted to make a movie that addressed patriarchy in an educated way that is both subtle and straightforward. Both of these points are emphasized throughout the conversation. “If you have someone who is willing to do the job and has the talent to do the job, does the fact that she is a woman exclude the possibility that she will be able to do it?” says Stamm.

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New 'Prey for the Devil' Featurette Spotlight's Horror's First Female Exorcist [Exclusive] 1

After spending her entire life avoiding supernatural encounters, the protagonist, Sister Ann, in Prey for the Devil finds herself being lured to a higher calling. It has been made very obvious in earlier previews that Ann is tormented by a particular Devil-sent demon that is intent on laying claim to her soul. The same demon that possessed Ann’s mother during her youth is back, and it appears that it has no intention of going away without a fight. The demon jumps from soul to soul, encouraging Ann to get more involved in the conflict between heaven and hell.

In addition to Byers and Navarro, Virginia Madsen (Candyman), Colin Salmon (Resident Evil), Nicholas Ralph (All Creatures Great and Small), Ben Cross (Star Trek), Tom Forbes (Morbius), and Velizar Binev make cameo cameos in Prey for the Devil (Hitman). As the plot investigates the influence the demon had on Ann’s childhood as well as her mother’s possession, Deborah Zecheva will also make an appearance as a younger version of the character.

Robert Zappia is the writer of the screenplay, and Zappia, Todd R. Jones, and Earl Richey Jones are the authors of the tale. Stamm is the director of the film. Malanaphy, Jones, Jones, Jeff Levine, and Paul Brooks are the people responsible for producing the show, and David Brooks, Michael P. Flannigan, Brad Kessell, and Scott Neimeyer are the people responsible for executive producing.

On October 28, just in time for Halloween, Prey for the Devil will release in theatres around the country. In the meantime, have a look at the brand new featurette that goes behind the scenes down below.

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