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Preparing for Fertility Treatment: 10 Tips for Your Mind & Body

Pregnancy not only gives birth to a baby but gives birth to a mother as well. It reported that the process of IVF treatment can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. The couple may feel excited as they are going to be parents and start a new family, but it can be stressful as well as due to unknown factors and outcomes, will the method be a success for them.

It is very important for couples to be prepared completely with a very focused mindset and high spirits. Although, the IVF treatment cost is highly affordable, the journey of the treatment process can be very overwhelming. Therefore, it is always encouraged to take care of yourself and start preparing for the best results.

Let’s take a look at  the points to be followed while preparing for fertility treatment:

  1. Start Meditation and relieve stress.

It is very common and normal to stress, whether fertility treatment is going the right way or not. But, you should also know that stress can adversely affect the reproductive system, and hence, reduce the chances of success. It is advised to meditate on a daily basis, you can include gentle breathing techniques to reduce the stress, keeping the body and mind fresh. You can also look for creative ways to relieve their stress such as watching a funny movie, playing with your pets, calling your friends and laughing your heart out, or asking your partner for a gentle massage. All of these can help reduce stress, and can make you feel good, inside out.

  1. Be a part of a support group or community.

It is always good to talk with like-minded people or someone who is undergoing a similar situation. There are many support groups treatment available online as well as offline, and they consist of people who are in the same shoes. It is easier to talk to these people, listen to them, connect with them, and share your experiences as well as learn from their mistakes. This will give you confidence that you are not alone in this journey. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to share your emotions with your friends or family, especially if they are not aware of infertility and IVF process. It’s never too late to join the support group, even if you are planning to get fertility treatment or you are already taking the cycles of IVF treatment.

  1. Add plenty of good fats to your diet

Most recent studies suggest that adding food that is rich in monounsaturated fats can help directly to women treatment who are trying to get pregnant by IVF method. Good fats are already renowned for lowering the inflammation in the body, helping protect the heart, and also for improving fertility.

You should add a number of products that are rich in monounsaturated fats, some of them being, avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil, and sunflower oil. They just don’t help infertility, but they also play a major role in the development of the fetus. Some studies show that people who were on diets rich in saturated fats, which includes butter and red meat, were able to produce fewer eggs, in comparison to women who were on a diet comprising good fat. However, this is not a sure shot method to increase fertility but it can definitely increase your chances of a successful attempt.

  1. Avoid Vigorous Exercise

It is always advised to maintain a healthy weight by doing regular exercises. But don’t go for vigorous exercises as it can reduce the level of fertility, hence decreasing the level of conception. Instead, treatment opts for easy exercises such as yoga, walking or swimming. It is also important to avoid heavy weight lifting and similar exercises if you are trying to be pregnant or may already be pregnant as it may result in pregnancy loss.

  1. Quit alcohol, caffeine, and low glycemic index (GI) Foods:

Alcohol is known to be a most injurious substance during pregnancy as it is a teratogen, that is a substance that induces malformations in the fetus. Hence, it should be avoided at every cost.

Caffeine is one of those substances which adversely affects the developing fetus. Hence, it is advised to avoid coffee.

GI knew to be a ranking system, to classify food depending on its ability to get digested by the body. That means, lower GI food particles will be digested slowly, hence ensuring a steady supply of energy. Legumes,  treatment whole grains, low-fat dairy products, broccoli, sweet potato, and mushrooms are some foods in this category. Processed foods and their associated oils and sugars have a high GI and are bad for the body. They elevate inflammation, affect hormone levels in the body and negatively affect the immune system.

  1. Be in regular touch with a Counsellor

Your mental health is directly proportional to fertility and hence, significantly affects your chances of conception. IVF procedure is a roller-coaster ride and can affect your emotional well-being as well. It advised being in touch with a counselor and talking to them about your hopes and fears. Also ensure that your partner, friends, and family support you throughout the entire IVF  process.

  1. Improve the quality of sleep

The quality and quantity of sleep affect sex hormones, sperm production, and ovulation. It is important to make sure both the partners are getting enough good quality sleep, especially leading up to an IVF cycle.

It advised sticking to a routine that includes going to bed early. You get eight hours of sleep a day.

  1. Achieve a Healthy Weight

Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the most important factors that influence the chances of IVF success. Either one is obese (BMI>35) or underweight (BMI<19)this can increase the difficulty of conception by 2 and 4 times. Being overweight can also lead to complications with the procedure.

If one falls under any of these categories. It is advised to meet a dietitian to get a proper diet plan and lifestyle changes to achieve the desired weight. So that you can start with the IVF process.

  1. Quit Smoking:

Smoking is generally injurious to health and during IVF treatment it’s a complete NO. If someone is addicted to smoking, they need to talk to their doctor before going for IVF treatment.

  1. Take your Vitamins and Prescribed Supplements

Always ensure that you take your prescribed supplements on time. Medications such as DHEA and CoQ10 can improve the quality of both the sperm and the egg. Vitamin D supplements are helpful.

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