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Preparation for Yoga: How to Dress and Choose the Yoga Mat

How do you dress for yoga? How many times have you asked yourself and found so many conflicting opinions that have made you even more confused? We try to give you some useful information to present yourself to preparation for yoga classes in the right place but without ever exaggerating. For your convenience, we have divided the information for women and men and added some tips that we think will be useful to you. So here’s how to dress for yoga.

  1. Always prefer cotton and natural fibers to avoid excessive sweating and above all physical problems;
  2. Choose neutral colors over strong colors. Black, beige, gray, white is preferable to fuchsia, light blue, purple, etch because they predispose to meditation and calm, a necessary condition for yoga practice.
  3. Women and those with long hair should always collect them in a ponytail or hold them in place with a band to prevent them from going in front of the eyes during movements;
  4. Never miss a towel of the size you prefer and which is useful to wipe away sweat or even to avoid direct contact with the mat if it is not yours. The towel should also be made of natural fibers and light colors.

How to dress for yoga: women’s clothing

The first thing you need to consider when doing yoga in the comfort of what you are wearing, so even if we are often tempted to choose trendy and trendy clothing for yoga, it is enough to simply choose pieces that make us feel comfortable, without necessarily having to follow the fitness fashions of the moment.

Leggings are the most common choice for those who practice yoga because they allow ample freedom of movement and, if made of good fabric (even cotton is fine, as long as it is breathable), they do not even feel. There are those who prefer sweatpants with elastic at the bottom and fairly soft and light fabric that works exactly like leggings.

The shirt follows the same criteria as the trousers: comfortable, not too tight, and breathable sweaters. It is good to avoid deep necklines or strange lengths because during the practice it is not usual to take positions different from the usual and therefore remain almost naked.

Although yoga practice should do barefoot. Socks can allow both for a matter of personal hygiene and comfort. There are special socks for those who practice yoga but a simple low and cotton sock, perhaps with non-slip pads, is enough. Never forget a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt to avoid getting cold during the meditation phase.

Unless you are attending Bikram yoga classes or centers that require special attire, wearing costumes and leotards may not be appropriate. The bra must always wear.

How to dress for yoga: yoga clothing for men

The same concept of women’s clothing can apply to men’s clothing with only the variant linked to the trousers. That should be sufficiently wide or suit trousers with elastic at the bottom. Cotton is preferable to synthetic fibers. While trousers that are too tight or practiced with cyclist-type shorts or similar may not appreciate.

How to choose the yoga mat

Although it usually provides in class, having your own yoga mat is good practice, especially hygienic. Choose the color you prefer, paying attention to chromotherapy only if you think it is really useful.

When choosing, you must keep in mind:

The thickness

The material in which it has made

The texture



On the Internet, you can find a wide variety of bulk yoga mats. Choose the most comfortable to use. And again, color can influence your consistency in Yoga.

I hope these tips are useful. Thanks for reading.

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