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Predator: Hunting Grounds: Gameplay, Release Date and Trailer of the Game

Players from all over the world are so happy because Gamescom got kicked off as the opening night. Many publishers have shown glimpse their masterpieces. After E3 snub,

PlayStation will never miss a chance as they have shown new title Predator Hunting Grounds. It is a mixed player game where you can act as soldiers as well as like predators.

It is a competitive and multiplayer title that takes you down in the memory of franchise Alien V/S Predator. The mechanics of the game is similar to movies.

Therefore it is considered the adaptation of the movie franchise that rebooted as a game. It is the exciting thing for the fans because few games let you be an antagonist at the same time. Therefore PlayStation is launching Predator exclusively on its platform.

Well, the release date of the Predator gameplay is not confirmed yet.
It is expecting that it would release in 2020. Before that time game does not reveal, 2020 is the confirmed release date but month did not mention by the franchise.

Players can get the game in PlayStation that could be exclusive for an extended time. According to official reports, the game will not be available on any other platform. It seems like the other exclusives such as The Last of Us and God of War.

Here is the trailer of Predator Hunting Grounds.


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