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Bridesmaids Gifts: What to Avoid 

Bridesmaids Gifts

At one time or another, most of us have been or will be a Bridesmaid.  Social custom dictates that a thank you gift is given to each bridesmaid and groomsman.  This can be a wonderful, memorable and thoughtful moment between you and your girls, or it can be an awkward and uncomfortable memory that takes some time to get over.  Here are a few tips to ensure you fall into that wonderful, memorable category and a list of bridesmaids gifts to avoid along with the reasons why.

Plastic Tumblers

A plastic cup holder with a plastic straw that has the word “Bridesmaid” running along the side?  Let’s face it, it’s a little lazy and a tad bit cheesy.  This is something that most likely will not be used after the wedding day itself and is not personal or thoughtful in the least.  This is one gift that is very forgettable and is guaranteed to produce a fake smile and a sad, “Oh, wow…thanks!”  If you have your heart set on something like a tumbler, a better option might be a stainless steel version, but with personalized names on the side instead of “Bridesmaid”.  Try to avoid giving all of the girls the same gift; at the very least, give each girl a tumbler with their individual favorite color.

Makeup Bags

While some ladies might appreciate a makeup bag, the fact is, it’s a bit generic and relatively boring.  It’s something you might find in a Christmas stocking or get from a coworker for your birthday.   It’s not really a gift that says, “Thank you for being a part of this wonderful day.”  Truth be told, most women already have four or five make up bags and it’s not the type of gift that will take anyone’s breath away, or serve as a reminder of the special day you all shared.   One way you can make this item a better gift might be to personalize the outside, then fill it with a gift card to a spa or their favorite mini liquor bottles.

Coffee Mugs or Tea Cups

Again, like the makeup bags, most people already have quite a few of these at home and unless you personalize them, it’s not the type of gift that will bring back memories of the day.  While these types of gifts may seem practical, they can be very vanilla if you don’t take a couple of extra steps.   If you do find coffee mugs or teacups that you absolutely love and are sure the girls would like them too, make sure to include a pound of their favorite coffee or tea with them.  Create a box with 2 mugs or cups on either side and the coffee or tea in the middle with some tissue paper the same color as the bridesmaid dresses.

Cheap Jewelry

Most brides want their bridesmaids to all to wear the same dresses, which is totally understandable.  Many also require all of the ladies to wear the same jewelry as well.  Brides, of course, have the option to purchase necklaces, bracelets or earrings for them, but unfortunately, many brides select inexpensive, low-quality jewelry.  If you do opt to buy matching jewelry, do yourself and your wedding party favor and select high-quality items that they’d be happy and proud to wear in the future.  One beautiful piece is always better than two or three inexpensive pieces.

Items with “Bridesmaid” on them

It’s understandable that for the days leading up to the wedding and for the wedding day itself, it’s fun to have items with the words, “Bride”, “Groom”, “Bridesmaid”, “Maid of Honor”, “Best Man”, “Mother of the Bride” etc written on them.  But don’t make the mistake of having these items be your only gift.  Thinking practically, anything that has “Bridesmaid” written on it will most likely not be used a lot in the days following the wedding.

A Beginner’s Guide to Bone Broth

Bone Broth

You might have heard about bone broth, are intrigued by it, but don’t really know where to start when it comes to incorporating it into your daily routine. While you might think that you can substitute bone broth with some of the regular stock or broth that you buy at the grocery store – think again. Bone broth is unique in its preparation and also unique in its benefits so there’s no real substitution.

However, this new superfood definitely lives up to the hype and is a great substance to add to your daily diet so that you can reap all of its amazing benefits. So here is a beginner’s guide to bone broth to teach you everything you need to know about this amazing superfood:

What Is It?

Despite what you may think, there is a big difference when it comes to the stocks and broths that you buy at the store and bone broth – the difference comes down to the preparation. Bone broth is slowly simmered over a long period of time – the best ones take over 24 hours to make. Whereas other broths in the store are maybe made over two to three hours. But why does this matter? The slow cooking time allows all of the nutrients and minerals from the bones to be pulled out and incorporated into the broth. Another important factor in bone broth is the quality of the ingredients – unlike the broths at the store the best bone broth is made from healthy, organically-fed animals that are raised without antibiotics and don’t include a bunch of extra sodium or other unnecessary ingredients. Instead of unhealthy additives, you can add your favorite herbs, spices, and vegetables into your bone broth to give it a delicious taste.

Where Does It Come From?

While you might have just recently become aware of bone broth it has actually been around for thousands of years. People all over the world have created and consumed their own versions of bone broth for generations because of its high mineral and protein content. The animals used can range from chicken to beef and include a number of different ingredients such as eggs and local herbs and spices. In fact, civilizations in Asia never stopped using bone broth in their diets and it is a staple food in many of these areas.

What Does It Do?

So now that you know what bone broth is and where it comes from, you are probably wondering what it actually does and why you should be using it. Honestly, a better question might be what doesn’t bone broth do? Its benefits can really help you from head to toe. A benefit of bone broth is that it can help promote younger-looking, more elastic and moisturized skin because of the collagen that comes from the bones in the broth. You might see collagen supplements at the drugstore or collagen included in your face cream – it’s a really great benefit to using bone broth that can leave you looking and feeling good. Bone broth obviously contains contents from bones but those contents can actually help your bones too! It extracts bone-building materials like calcium, phosphorus, and amino acids that help strengthen your bones and enhance muscle repair. It is also a good source of glucosamine that can help protect and repair your joints. Furthermore, bone broth can be really beneficial to you if you have stomach problems. It can help protect you against gastric ulcers and other digestive issues like leaky gut, GERD, and heartburn. Finally, bone broth can help boost your immune system because of its really high concentration of healing vitamins and minerals.

Coronavirus How Suffers The World | How Countries Are Dealing With It

Coronavirus How Suffers The World | How Countries Are Dealing With It
Coronavirus How Suffers The World | How Countries Are Dealing With It

Coronavirus How Suffers The World | How Countries Are Dealing With It

Coronavirus is a virus that hasn’t been encountered before. It has spread widely in China and is also spreading in other parts of the world. It originated from Wuhan, China, and the virus has alarmed the World Health Organization. The organization has announced a public health emergency and is planning out various precautionary measures to deal with the dangerous virus. The virus has reportedly come from animals, and the few first people affected by the virus were people worked in a wholesale seafood market. The place also sells freshly slaughtered animals.

Latest Updates on the Coronavirus


Several 28,290 cases have been confirmed to have been suffering from Coronavirus and death until today reported due to the infection has been 565 across the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, and China. The airports of every country are currently using screening devices to check the person before letting them enter the country. The people detected with possible symptoms of the virus are isolated from the other people to take necessary measures. The coronavirus has no cure as of now, and the pharmaceuticals companies are working to develop treatments.

According to the live updates of Coronavirus the following countries have been affected by the virus.

United Kingdom

In this United States, 2 cases of coronavirus have been found. The two people are a member of the same family and are under special care. The third case has been confirmed on February 6th.

Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea has reported a confirmed case of women who is 25 years old and traveled to the country from Wuhan. Other than the women, the country has reported 23 other reported cases in the country.


Australia has confirmed 14 cases of the people suffering from the virus. Some of the cases are from Sydney, and the others have been confirmed in Melbourne. Three out of the 14 cases have been reported to have been cured of the infection.


The first case of the person suffering from Coronavirus was reported in December 2019, and he is confirmed to be a resident of the Hubei province. Most cases that have been reported are from the Hubei province. The number of deaths reported and the people who have been cured are also the highest in the Hubei province.


There have been 5 confirmed cases in Canada, and they are going under treatment. The patients are expected to be cured in a few days. The first person to get affected by the virus was a man who had just come back from Wuhan. The second case was his wife.


Japan was the first country to have confirmed a case of Coronavirus besides China. The man who was reported to have suffered from the virus had traveled to Wuhan. The latest cases have emerged to be from a group of tourists who are visiting Japan. Almost 273 cases of coronavirus have been detected in Japan.

Reduce your chances of catching Coronavirus

The world health organization has been giving valuable coronavirus safety tips to people all across the globe so they can take care of themselves and reduce the chances of catching this deadly virus. The hand and respiratory hygiene should be the first thing to look at, but you should check your food practices as well. You can do the following things to reduce the risk of coronavirus.


  • Clean your hands with soap during different parts of the day so no germs can stay with you
  • Cover your nose with a tissue when you sneeze so that the bacteria are not spread to another person
  • Don’t go near a person who is suffering from flu-like symptoms
  • When you are cooking meat or eggs, make sure they are properly cooked
  • You can catch this virus from animals so don’t go to places where you can have live contact with wild or farm animals


If a case is found near you, you need to follow some processes


If you find a person in your home or neighborhood who is suffering from a respiratory infection or flu-like symptoms, get them to check at the nearest hospital. If a person is suspected of having this virus, they would be isolated from others will stay in quarantine. Keeping the children safe is another important thing all the parents are hoping for.

Measures used by Hospital staff to deal with coronavirus

The hospital staff in China and other parts of the world is actively taking care of the patients. The first thing they do is to isolate the patient from other people, so the virus is not spread. They wear protective masks and gloves and gowns to protect themselves. The equipment is disinfected at regular intervals when they get in contact with an affected person. The team knows very well that washing hands are the first step through which they can gain hygiene. The medical team makes sure to confirm that to what extent a person is affected, and if the virus is mild or severe so they can plan accordingly. The patients are not allowed to use shared bathrooms as well.

Coronavirus is worse than regular flu

Coronavirus is very dangerous and is nothing like regular flu. The worst thing is that there is still no vaccine for it. The older adults who already have respiratory or immune system problems are prone to more danger. It started from China but has given large impacts of neighboring countries too. The spread of viruses outside china is a more significant cause of concern, and this is why experts are very much confused with this unexpected development. Not only people but the medical staff also is under threat as they have to deal with the affected patients. In case you have traveled to China or got in contact with someone suffering from this virus, make sure to check yourself well because this way, you could be the one spreading the virus to your family or loved ones.

Six Ways to Stay Healthy And Happy life by Diet and Can Maintain Your Weight

8 Facts About Derma Rolling

Derma Rolling

People these days will do just about anything to look younger or have radiant, healthier-looking skin. Even if that means rolling hundreds of tiny needles over their skin. It sounds painful, but it’s not. It’s actually part of a skincare procedure that’s gained a lot of popularity over the years. The derma rolling tool is used for micro-needling. The tiny needles puncture the skin which promotes the production of collagen and leaves you with many added benefits. If you’ve never heard of derma rolling, then you came to the right place. Here we have brought together straight forward facts that will tell you everything you need to know about derma rolling.

Promotes Collagen Production

One of the main reasons people use derma rollers is to promote the production of collagen. When the skin is punctured it stimulates your skin to create collagen which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. Therefore, when the production is increased it can help reduce the appearance of puffy or saggy skin. Derma rolling is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to create smoother-looking skin.

Helps Reduce Scarring

This goes hand and hand with collagen production, but ultimately when you have scars left over from acne or injuries the production of collagen is what’s needed to heal the scars and reduce their appearance. Thanks to derma rolling, you can treat your scars with multiple sessions for optimal results.

Improves Skin Texture

If you find yourself struggling with the appearance of dark spots, whether it be from aging or sun damage, derma rolling can help. When your skin is punctured by the tiny needles on the derma roller it increases the production of blood vessels ultimately renewing your skin cells. Because of this, dark spots are known to fade away as the new skin cells are produced.

It Takes Several Treatments to Work

Derma rolling should be added to your weekly or bi-weekly skin routine in order to see optimal results. There aren’t many immediate results that can be seen with a one-time treatment of derma rolling, but if you keep up with it, you’ll be sure to see results and reap the benefits. Most dermatologists recommend a minimum of 4 sessions in order to see the results that come with it.

Works Well with Other Facial Products  

One of the greatest benefits of derma rolling is that opens up your skin and increases the absorption rate of your skin. The tiny punctures leave your skin open and ready to better absorb products such as retinol cream, serum, moisturizer, and more. It’s highly suggested to use your skincare products after you use a derma roller to see better results out of the products.

Sharing Your Derma Roller Can Cause Infection

This might be a no brainer, but it’s important to emphasize that sharing your derma roller can cause infection. After all, you are puncturing your skin with needles and sharing needles can highly increase your chances of infection. It’s important to sterilize and clean your derma roller after every use.

Derma Rollers are Budget Friendly

For a product that promotes so many benefits and is so popular, it’s actually a very affordable device that is budget-friendly. Of course, you want to purchase your derma roller from a trusted retailer, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on one. Most reliable derma rollers can be purchased for around $30.

Derma Rollers Aren’t for Everyone

Derma rolling comes with so many benefits, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. There are people who should stay away from derma rolling. Those people include those who have extremely sensitive skin, skin diseases, use certain acne products, and women who are pregnant.

7 Simple Ingredients to Make the Best Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken dip is a must for any family gathering or party you may be attending. It’s a hit at all potlucks and always leaves people wanting for more. Thankfully, it’s not all that complicated to make. With these 7 simple ingredients, you can make the best buffalo chicken dip!


It’s obvious that this ingredient would be on the top of our list when going over the simple ingredients involved in a buffalo chicken dip recipe. It’s the main ingredient and can be sourced from just about any type of chicken. Most of the time it calls for shredded chicken thigh or shredded chicken breast, but if you’re short on time, don’t be afraid to grab the canned chicken or shred the rotisserie chicken you picked up from the deli.

Most people report that buffalo chicken dip can be a bit greasy but if that’s any concern then we suggest using white meat chicken breast. It may not do much as buffalo sauce can be a little greasy, but it could help get you to the texture you’re looking for.


You can’t have the best buffalo chicken dip without the cheese. Cheese is what gives this dip it’s cheesy goodness in combination with the creamy cream cheese (which we’ll discuss later. It’s important to make sure you find a good melting cheese. Some good melting cheeses that work best with this recipe are cheddar and mozzarella. A pro tip to consider is to grate your own cheese. Big shredded cheese companies coat their cheeses in an anti-caking agent to prevent it from clumping up. When you grate your own cheese, you can avoid that ingredient altogether and you’ll find that it combines perfectly with the other ingredients.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is what packs the powerful punch that comes with buffalo chicken dip. It’s flavorful and allows you to control the heat level to the dip. If you’re feeding a crowd that can handle the heat then don’t be afraid to add in some extra hot sauce, but if you’re not a fan of spice this dip is still for you. Just don’t add in more hot sauce than needed. The other ingredients will mellow it all out for the perfect balance.

Ranch or Blue Cheese

There are two types of people in the world- People who dip their wings in ranch and people who dip their wings in blue cheese. Whichever dressing you side with, this recipe can be adjusted to it. Ranch and blue cheese dressing are used to balance out the heat of the hot sauce to really leave you with a flavorful dip.

Garlic Powder

This is one of those ingredients that aren’t always included in a buffalo chicken dip, but we’re here to tell you it’s needed in order to make the best buffalo chicken dip. Be careful not to add too much though. Garlic powder can be a lot stronger than freshly minced garlic. Only a small teaspoon of garlic powder is needed.

Green Onions

A handful of green onions are encouraged to add texture and flavor to the dip. Be sure to chop them up so they’re not too overwhelming but be sure not to skip out on this important ingredient. They add delicious flavor with little work.

Cream Cheese

Any great dip recipe is going to include cream cheese. Cream cheese is what makes the buffalo chicken dip creamy and not just stringy from the cheese. The best buffalo chicken dip recipe calls for full-fat cream cheese to avoid separation while the dip is baking.

5 Occasions to Wear Dress Shirts To

dress shirts

A nice dress shirt is considered a staple in a man’s wardrobe – but how do you know when you are supposed to wear it? While you definitely don’t want to be underdressed, you don’t want to be overdressed either.

The good news is that overall, men’s dress shirts are pretty versatile when it comes to style and fit. Some dress shirts are more casual than others, like the untucked style, while others are extremely formal and should be reserved only for special occasions.

All of this can seem a bit convoluted and confusing but don’t worry – this post will help outline some of the occasions that you should wear dress shirts to and exactly what level of formality you want to aim for.

Job Interview

The first occasion that you should wear a dress shirt to is a job interview – if you wear anything else, you probably aren’t going to get the job! A great outfit will allow you to have a great first impression and show the manager that you are serious about the job. When dressing for a job interview it is often a good idea to go with a classic white dress shirt and tie. Depending on the job you are interviewing for, you can decide to go with a jacket as well or not. However, if you aren’t really sure about the jacket, the best thing that you can do is to err on the side of caution and wear it. After all, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed! When it comes to accessories, a nice pair of dress shoes and a nice watch is a great option that will leave you looking and feeling good before your big interview.

Wedding (Guest)

The next occasion that you should wear a dress shirt is a wedding that you are attending. Of course, you will be wearing a dress shirt at your own wedding so let’s focus mainly on wedding guest attire instead since that can be a little bit more complicated. The type of dress shirt, tie, and jacket that you should wear will depend on the event’s location, time, formality, and season. The best indication of how formal you should go will be the dress code located on the invitation. In most cases, it’s safe to assume that a dark-colored suit with a light-colored dress shirt and tie will suffice.


Another occasion that you should wear a dress shirt too is a church. The exact style of dress shirt will depend on how formal your church is. If you attend a really traditional church then you should wear a dark-colored suit with a light shirt and possibly a tie. However, if you attend a more contemporary church, a white or blue dress shirt and dark or khaki pants with no tie would be a great fit.

First Date

The next occasion that you should wear a dress shirt too is on a first date. Obviously you want to look good and make a good first impression! The location of your date will determine the level of formality but on a typical dinner date, it’s a good idea to wear a modern dress shirt and khaki pants in order to look sharp but not overly formal.


The last occasion that you should wear a dress shirt is a fancy event like a banquet or a show at the theater. These events are often pretty formal and your dress should reflect that. You should wear a dress shirt, dark pants, and possibly a tie or a jacket depending on the specific event.

5 Must Have Canvas Wall Art Prints for 2020

Wall Art Prints

Selecting art for your home or interior space is a great way to express your feelings while adding value to the design. It’s an important process when decorating any room because art prints can tie your entire idea together. What you choose to put up says a lot about you, so you want to take time when purchasing your pieces.

This can be a time consuming and overwhelming process to begin. Thankfully, we’re here to let you in on the must-have canvas wall art prints for the new year. We’ve narrowed down some of the boldest, statement-making art pieces that we know you need to have. These are some of the trendiest and most popular canvas wall art prints that are available today.

Line Art

Every minimalist and maximalist needs to check outline art. This extremely trendy form of art is inspired by the drawings of both Picasso and Matisse. Line art is typically made of simple black lines on a clean white background. These types of canvas wall art prints are bold and can take inspiration from any classic or modern piece of art. The simplicity of these designs go well in any type of environment. Line art is a must-have canvas wall art print for 2020!

Female Figures 

Female empowerment is being celebrated across the world, so why not translate it into art? A canvas print highlighting the female body or any form of empowerment is a must-have for this new year. We’ve become more obsessed with the human body than ever, which is why this type of art is becoming increasingly popular.

This trend showcases strong women and the beauty of different female role models. A canvas print of your favorite female figure will look great hanging in your office or your bedroom. This is definitely one of the must-have wall art prints for the year 2020.

Nostalgic Designs

Retro and vintage canvas wall art prints are making a huge comeback in interior decor. People are looking for classic pieces that have been modernized for today. That is why more and more artists are integrating modern designs into famous pieces.

Nostalgia will always exist, especially with design. The vintage-inspired pieces will continue to add aesthetic to any room you place them in. Everyone can appreciate a well-known piece of art, which is why you need to add a nostalgic design to your space.

Engaged Art

Engaged art is designed to speak to you through some form of written speech. The message can be about female empowerment, politics or something philosophical. The canvas print will be relatable and most likely comical. Engaged art is created for specific topics and is great conversation pieces for any room design. With so many to choose from, engaged art makes it easy to personalize any space you’d like.

Typographical art also falls closely into this category and never seems to disappear. Typography and design are intertwined nowadays and can also add a personal touch you’re looking for. This could be your favorite song lyric, quote, or a personalized message of your choice. These two types of canvas wall art prints are a must-have for the new year.


The increasing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products has brought an earthy color scheme back into many interior designs. Botanical canvas wall art prints continue to be trendy and look good in any space. These canvas prints will include serene portraits of flowers, as well as the unique integration of plants in art. A botanical canvas print will tie your space together and create harmony within your design.

4 Things to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Travel Shoe

Travel Shoes

It’s no secret that traveling requires a lot of time on your feet. It’s well worth it when you get to explore the world, but it can be a lot on your feet and if you’re wearing the wrong shoes then you can find yourself struggling.

Some signs of wearing the wrong shoes that you don’t want to ignore include sore arches, blisters, aching back and more. Those annoyances should be the least of your worries when traveling so to help you choose the perfect travel shoes, we’ve pulled together the major characteristics to look.


First and foremost, a shoe for traveling should be comfortable. It should be causing you blisters, slipping off, or making your feet ache by the end of the day.

A shoe that you don’t think about wearing during the day is usually a good sign because most of the time if you’re thinking about your shoes it’s because of discomfort they’re causing you.

Some little things to look for when shopping for comfort is as follows:

  • Supporting arches
  • No localized pressure
  • Suitable heel height
  • Overall a snug fit

Comfort should be the main thing you look for in a travel shoe when shopping. We highly recommend going into a store to shop for travel shoes so you can try them on and if you can’t get to the store, then take the time to read the reviews about the shoes because most reviews will mention a comfort level.


We all know that traveling requires a lot of time on your feet so the last thing you want are shoes that can’t hold up and end up breaking while you’re on the go.

To find a durable shoe for traveling, consider where are you going and how long will you be gone. Look for shoes that are rugged stitched and heavy-duty.

You can typically feel the difference in how durable a shoe it by picking it up and feeling the weight and material it’s made out of. Shoes that are made of leather with rubber soles are known to be the most durable. To take it a step further, considered finding a travel shoe that’s waterproof or made of breathable material depending on where you’re traveling. The way a shoe was made and what it is made of goes hand and hand with how durable and long-lasting it will be. When you find a traveling shoe that is durable, you’ll know that it’s reliable which is also important.


Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you need a bulky, unflattering pair of travel shoes.

These days finding a shoe that is comfortable and durable doesn’t mean it also can’t be fashionable.

A lot of brands are making their shoes sleeker through innovative design technologies. Some great shoes for travel include combat boots and athletic sneakers.

Even though heels, slides, and flats are always cute go-to’s, they don’t make for good travel shoes because their lack of support and no one wants to be that person in the airport with a broken heel.


Consider different price points for travel shoes. Of course, you want them to have all the required features but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

A lot of times when it comes to shoe shopping, you’re paying for the brand rather than the shoes itself. Do some research and find brands that offer travel shoes within your budget.

There’s always a happy medium in the middle of “too good to be true” and “tapping into next month’s rent.” Travel shoes are important but just because one of more expensive than the other doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

4 Reasons to Be Using Magnetic Eyeliner

Magnetic Eyeliner

So you’ve just heard about magnetic eyeliner and are slightly intrigued but also a little skeptical. After all, you’ve been applying your fake lashes the same exact way for years and are a pro with the glue. Or maybe you don’t usually put anything other than a simple coat of mascara around your lashes and are hesitant about trying something else out. In any case, magnetic eyeliner is a great product for anyone who wants amazing looking lashes that can last all day or night. So here are four reasons to be using magnetic eyeliner:


The first reason why you should be using magnetic eyeliner is because they are super versatile. No matter who you are or what your style is, you can definitely find a pair of lashes that work for you and help you achieve the look you are going for. From overly dramatic to super subtle – there is a pair out there for everyone. But if you don’t want to just pick one style, don’t worry, magnetic eyeliner is perfect for that too. Once you have the eyeliner off, you can easily switch between types of lashes if you are trying to achieve a different look straight from work or school. Furthermore, magnetic eyeliner works great for people will all different eye shapes as the liner allows the lash to match perfectly with your eyelid without the mess of glue!


The second reason why you should be using magnetic eyeliner is because they are really durable. There’s nothing worse than a beauty product that doesn’t last throughout the day. With magnetic eyeliner, your lashes can stay put for up to ten hours! Furthermore, when you make the switch to magnetic eyelashes applied with magnetic eyeliner as opposed to traditional fake eyelashes applied with glue, you don’t have to throw out your lashes after you have only used them once. In fact, one pair of magnetic lashes can last you up to 30 uses if cared for properly. So magnetic eyeliner and lashes can really be a great investment and addition to your makeup bag.


The third reason why you should be using magnetic eyeliner is because it’s just so easy to use. Anyone from beauty beginners to beauty bloggers can figure out this product in minutes. It can also help you eliminate so many extra steps from your routine that you might be doing now to achieve that luxurious lash look. Women go through a lot to get amazing lashes – from fillers, semi-permanent extensions, lifts…that’s a lot of time and money! Instead of applying mascara, then lash glue, then your lashes, then more mascara, eyeliner all you have to do with magnetic eyeliner is apply that and then place the lashes and you are done! No extra products are necessary.


The last reason why you should be using magnetic eyeliner is because it can save you a lot of time and effort because it really is so simple to use. All you have to do is apply the magnetic eyeliner, wait two minutes, then place the magnetic lashes along the eyeliner line that you just applied. There’s no mess or cleanup involved at all – you can get flawless lashes in minutes every single time without fail! Also, you can switch out your lashes in seconds if you need to go for a different look while in the middle of your day. There’s no need to spend too much time in the office bathroom before going out trying to fix your lashes after a long day.

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Review And Critics

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Review And Critics
Game Of Thrones Season 5

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Review And Critics


Fantasy Theater, Game of Thrones got status from HBO. It is still the most searched and great thrill on Google engine. It was broadcasted in 2011. The consecutive was comprised of ten episodes.

HBO ordered Game of Thrones season 5 in 2014 in collaboration with the fourth one. It was on aired in 2015 as per the plan and lines of the other Game of Thrones seasons. It was filmed in the coldest zones of Ireland, Spain, Croatia, and the most freezing mountains.

Games of Thrones season are the most rated show on the internet. It is not only because of Game of Thrones season cast and director but also for the intense storyline. Every season has strength in the story, which merges in the game of Thrones season characters.


Here, the season is coming with the two continent’s storylines for another time in Game of Thrones season 5 casts. Game of Thrones has a world record in Guinness book for getting a lot of popularity and awards too. The set of Thrones season characters has the highest number of awards indeed.

Game of thrones summary narrates the message that it is about the war for the throne, and crown is beautifully screen played mode.  Game of Thrones season 5 got 12 out of 24 nominations, including outstanding drama series. Game of Thrones season 5 characters have the highest number of Emmy awards winnings.

The community was expecting Game of Thrones season 5 HBO as tricky due to some known truths about it. Game of Thrones season 5 is following the title books “A feast of crows” and “A dance of dragons.” 


Game of Thrones season 5 was not that much copied from the book matter. It played with a beautiful screenplay. Especially the massacres of the hard home were one of the most significant issues. Jon got some heroic display to show his outcome in supreme style.

Some of the sad moments were also witnessed in Game of Thrones season 5 HBO. Death of Shireen at the hands of her father was quite tragic and gloomy. It has given the role to all characters in Game of Thrones season 5 casts. Some new characters were added by demolishing some previous ones to keep the balance.

Game of thrones Chinese subtitles DVD is also available. It is for showing the value that its subtitles are available for those who cannot understand the English version of Game of Thrones. They are curious and want to know what country Game of Thrones is based on? It is about the coldest zones of the world. 

Its track record can judge its popularity since Game of Thrones 2011. Game of Thrones IBDM rating is 9.4 out of 10. This is extreme for a drama time of year. Game of Thrones is rated as high. It is 10 out of 10 at a large amount of the links. This kind of enjoyment is making it the most searched object on the web. Game of Thrones director counts it as win and all-rounder bits and pieces. 


Episodic review


Sequence vice episodes came on air on HBO as Game of Thrones season 5 HBO. They were ten in all. Most of the events were of 55-60 minutes limit of time. You may watch episodes game of thrones. Game of thrones hours is limited. One hour episode can be seen. 

The first episode, “The wars to come,” is an opening with a fight over there. It is the flashback ever in the past in Westeros. It is about ventures in the wood to get the fortune of the witch. A younger queen was needed to take the place of another one.

The second episode, “The House of black and white,” is the mystery with the theme of a specific house. The people will stay there, and the screenplay will happen. Here the dragons yet again come to the scene. Then they withdraw for another time.

The third episode, “High Sparrow,” is talking about the role and actions of sparrows that are attractively depicting the storyline. Brienne gives swordsmanship training to Podrick in stylish modes.

The fourth episode is tagged as “Sons of the Harpy,” where the sons of the Harpy are ambushed. They are unsullied patrol inside the citadel. In winter feel, the little finger is intending to return to King’s land to enhance scenes of experience.

The fifth episode, “Kill the Boy,” is coming up with some murder strategies indeed. They are plotting a plan for proper actions in the event. One may see the dragons in the theater. Here, the stone men are added to the episode.


The sixth episode, “Unbroken, Unbent, Unbowed,” is opening with the beauty in its name. Roose is with potent intentions to marry Sansa. Sand snakes are added to the episode to add animal thrills too. In Winterfell, at last, Sansa weds Ramsey.

The seventh episode, “The gift” with such a unique tag name is displaying the hidden present. Aimon is supposed to die off. Jorah defeats the fighters. Indeed the gift is hidden in revealing her identity to others.


In the eighth episode, “Hardhome” wildings are around. One may see them highlighted. The hard home is shown as a specific zone. Sea is entering to the frosty scenes. Now, they have to run away with the aid of the sea. The survivors escape via sea.


The ninth episode “The dance of dragons,” is the most liked plus searched one on Game of Thrones season 5. Sons of Harpy are burned in this chapter. It is the climax and probably the disappointing show of the episode.


The last episode is talking about “Mother’s Mercy”. It is a heightened title with a touch of love and innocence. Red keep is also flourished to show the value of the zone. Arya is again in trouble as she is blinded for violating the faceless man rules and followers.

The show is not over. Game of Thrones season 6 is on the way to you.


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