Sunday, April 21, 2024

Organized Criminal Hackers Face A New Foe

The DIY enthusiasts of the world have taken their home network security into their own hands with DNS blockers like Pi-Hole – a Raspberry Pi open-source project which enables the user to add blocklists to their heart’s content; blocking adult, malicious and dangerous URLs from ever connecting to their network devices. One of the only drawbacks of this is the maintenance and upkeep of such a DIY project. The lists that these Pi-Holes use are generally public domain, and can also be viewed & used by the very people they are designed to protect against.

Organized criminal groups change their DNS and IP addresses regularly. This simple change defeats most DNS blockers instantly. It is almost impossible for the home user to keep up with the changes that hackers make to their operations, and so the home DNS blockers begin to fall foul of dangerous URLs and have little effect on the most nefarious & organized groups out there.

CybX Security’s COO:

“The answer to this is both simple and complex,” CybX Security’s COO, Tom Pedder explains. “Organized groups often use the same scripts, code and attack patterns when they launch new malicious or phishing sites. We use threat intelligence reports, and our honeypots and honeynets deployed around the world to monitor and report. As the attacker evolves, so do our methods. Flare Sentry and our other solutions are, we believe, effective protection against even the most prolific and organized threats.”

Flare Sentry is a new DNS blocker and browser protection suite exclusive to Kickstarter, produced by CybX Security. A Pittsburgh based cybersecurity development company. The DNS blocker – flareDNS – is capable of protecting virtually everything on your network that has an IP address. IoT devices, smart heating, lightbulbs, Alexa devices, printers, laptops, PCs, etc. are all protected by a DNS blocklist that has constantly updated with an evolving list of malicious, dangerous and nefarious connections. As standard, flareDNS blocks ads, phishing & ransomware links, as well as links to malware or infected websites. An easy-to-use dashboard enables home users and organizations to view detailed reports and customize their protection levels, and a cloud version provides a simple “ready made” solution.

Flare Browser Controller:

For endpoints, such as laptops or PC’s, Flare Sentry also includes ‘Flare Browser Controller’. An intelligent Chrome extension which protects against malicious content, phishing, tracking, web beacons and data brokers as standard. With a raft of features that have automatically engaged from the second it has installed. Pages are devoid of intrusive ads, and your privacy is assured as you browse, as analytics, identity & data tracking and web beacons are blocked as you browse. Your “identity” has also changed constantly, making it difficult for websites to track you. It is a feature that is both simple and ingenious when protecting one’s identity.

By using both solutions in unison, both your privacy and security are under your control. With full access to blocklists and whitelists, any user – whether an organization or home user – can easily customize their settings and finally enjoy a faster, more private, and secure internet experience.

Flare Sentry is available right now from $129 exclusively on Kickstarter, and the package is not available anywhere else.


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