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Online Gambling 101 in Thailand

Online gambling is the big elephant in the room, so to speak, in Thailand. All forms of gambling have been illegalized since the passage of the Anti-Gambling Law in 1935, except for state-sponsored lottery and horse racing.

Of course, illegal gambling dens persist despite the ban. Brick-and-mortar casinos on the Thai-Cambodian border are thorns on the side for Thai authorities who see foreigners and locals frequent the area to satiate their gambling needs. While on-ground casinos are entirely illegal, experts agree that the silence of existing laws on online gambling is an exemption to the rule, but that doesn’t make it completely legal.

Don’t gamble with the security

Most online casinos are operated off-shore by game houses that (should) have secured their licenses with respective authorities. Because they operate off-shore, Thai authorities and laws have no jurisdiction over them.

Don’t gamble your chances with sites that do not have licenses or security features or have questionable banking methods because these are red flags that could cost you your freedom. Thai authorities have no chill when it comes to pursuing illegal gamblers.

Locals and ex-pats also use VPN to hide their identity over the internet and elude surveillance. Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your location by ping-ing your identity to different locations across the globe. Therefore, you can hide your IP address, and at the same time, will not be associated with any single site. It could be a cue, though, for any illicit activity on the net. But VPN is a security feature that is used not only by gamblers but also by privacy advocates who denounce internet surveillance by different entities.

Don’t gamble with security

Opt for hassle-free banking

I bet that there will be a lot of online casinos that pops-up on the screen or are lodged to some corner of this webpage while you’re reading this, so the question is, which online casino is worthy? Let’s add an essential word to that– trust. What makes an online casino trustworthy?

As mentioned above, license and security should be top on the priority list. A trustworthy casino site should use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to prove fairness in their games. On the other hand, live-deal casino games sometimes play the news in the background to assure clients that games are not recorded. Another vital thing to consider is SSL encryption. SSL protects your information while it is traveling the web.

Another measure of security and also of convenience is banking options. Most online casinos offer a wide range of banking options to lure more players in. Most online gamblers prefer to use e-wallets because they have been proven efficient, safe, and compatible with most online casinos.

The most common e-wallets are Entropay and Neteller. Entropay is an e-wallet service that works using internet-based prepaid VISA debit cards. Thai debit cards do not work for deposits at online gambling sites. All you have to do is create an account with them, and you will be given a VISA card number. You can cash in credit with Entropay using your Thai debit card. For seamless transactions, make sure to apply for verified status. There might be routinary security checks, but this is nothing to be worried about. Don’t be apprehensive in providing Entropay information about your funding source, even if it is a gambling site since the service is based in the UK and licensed by the UK government, where such transactions are considered legal.

​​Another popular e-wallet service is Neteller. It is like an online bank account to cash out your withdrawals or winnings from casino sites. They provide an actual ATM card and have machines where you can withdraw your money. You can also use this e-wallet service to transfer to another bank account. Setting up an account could be tricky, so make sure you read up their terms and conditions or survey the market out there for the best services that suit your needs. Let checks up the ways to cash your money out from the online casino with

If you have these basic things in check, then you’re ready to embark on your gambling adventure. The online gambling landscape in Thailand is as diverse and promising as its culture, people, and its breath-taking views and landscapes. Don’t be too hasty to jump off the gambling cliff or be too cautious not to take risks. With the best wishes from Newscase

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