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One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Plot.

One punch man has proved a series with a gruntled and sublime storyline. The punch of Saitama; who can defeat his enemies has overtaken his audience’s heart. However, the series has aired two seasons and both have 12 episodes. Now One Punch Man season 3 is awaited by fans.

What is One Punch Man?

One punch man is a Japanese superhero character created by an artist ONE. The character’s name is Saitama in the series that is powerful enough to defeat his enemies with a single punch. The original comic version wrote in early 2009 by ONE.

The digital manga started publication on Tonari no Young Jump website in June 2012. Yusuke Murata is the illustrator of the mange. It has 23 volumes till 2021. It was licensed by Viz Media for the English language to release and serialized in a digital magazine name Weekly Shonen Jump.

The manga had adopted as anime and produced by Madhouse. The anime aired in 2015 from October to December. The second season aired in April 2019 and produced by J.C.Staff.

Where to Stream One Punch Man Season 3?

Netflix had provided streaming services for the previous two seasons of the series. Now it can presume that Netflix will amuse the fans with One Punch Man season 3.

Release Date of Third Season

There is no official confirmation for the One Punch season 3 release date. The makers of the series have not disclosed any word about a renewal of the anime series. Even though there is doubt regarding the third season. But the second season left many questions on viewers’ minds that need to answer. The trailer of the second season is below credit by GameSpot Universe Trailers. Meanwhile, the tremendous global viewership forced the creators to take initiative for the next season.

With the ending of the second season in 2019 fans had impatiently hung on fire for the third season. However, no one has the information about S3 of the series. The previous two seasons have shown great popularity worldwide, so fans contemplate the renewal of the series. However, the admirer of the series is expecting the new season in 2022. It is not a piece of authentic news by Madhouse Studio or J.C. Staff Studio rather just speculations.

The Strongest Saitama can Defeat his Enemies in the new season

In season 3 OPM viewers can surmise that Saitama will engage in combat and be the triumph of the story. However, he is the strongest person and no one can ever defeat him. Despite this, all the viewers are expecting the new season with a historic battle and more villains that would try to overcome the iconic hero. But Garou is a focused character that how he will destroy the hero. Viewers can also enjoy many fighting and actions scenes in this upcoming season.

The postulated voice cast of OPM S3 is Makoto Furukawa, Yuuichi Nakamura, HikaruMidorikawa, Aoi Yuuki, and Kaito Ishikawa for the characters of Saitama, YMumen Rider, Garou, Tatsumaki, and Genos respectively.

Fans can Enjoy the Trailer of the One Punch Man Season 3

Question about the trailer of the forthcoming season should not ask as the renewal of the series has not been confirmed right now. But the tremendous fan following and the success of two seasons are the hints that creators will attempt on the one punch man season 3. So, fans should hope for the best for the new season to come up in 2022.

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