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5 Nomos Glashutte Timepiece Your Wardrobe Should Not Miss Out

Are you looking for a high-quality brand for your wrist? That perfect accessory that completes your outfit? Well, look no further than Nomos. Nomos is a brand held in high regard. Their craftsmanship and selection have made it a favorite of the people. Nomos’ high standards towards functionality and design make each watch a masterpiece, perfect for your wrist.

The subtlety in their designs makes for a beautiful watch on your wrist. A Nomos watch shows class and quality without being an overly loud and distractive piece. If you are looking for a Nomos watch for you, then we have you covered. We have selected 5 of the best models that you absolutely must consider from their beautiful selection of high-quality watches.

Metro Neomatik Automatic White Dial Men’s Watch Designed By Nomos

The model of Nomos Glashutte Metro 1106, which is an excellent example of a masterpiece that the brand has consistently achieved since their initial manufacturing of a wristwatch, is the first wristwatch that you should consider from the Nomos collection. This wristwatch features one of the most straightforward designs but still elegant for the eyes. As a result, it is a charming piece to wear on many occasions.

This appealing timepiece was crafted to ensure that it will last for generations as it is made of stainless steel. Its band is made of premium leather, which is simple but very comfortable to wear. With a diameter of 35 millimeters and a height of 8.1 millimeters, this round wristwatch has a transparent back. You will also get an extra sub-dial on top of the 6 o’clock marker.

Nomos Glashutte Orion Designed By Nomos

This watch is a beauty, made with absolute precision. The Nomos Glashutte model 309 has achieved an elegant look with its clean face, and this is achieved through the lack of numerals on it. Furthermore, this watch radiates class, with just the right white accents to complete the watch. This watch truly does belong on a sophisticated wrist.

Stainless steel casing and black leather bands give this watch a sharp and cold demeanor. Having a diameter of 35 millimeters and a height of 8.45 millimeters, this piece has a power reserve of 43 hours. It has the Alpha caliber, which is handcrafted by the most talented of watchmakers. It also has a sapphire crystal that elevates the sharpness of the piece.

Metro Date Power Reserve Manual-winding Watch Designed By Nomos

This watch is versatile and flexible. It complements most outfits and fits in well on most occasions. Made only by the best of the best, the Nomos Glashutte model 1101 is an underestimated piece. However, you can be certain it still upholds Nomos’ values of functionality and of beauty.

This watch has black bands, a silver casing, and a white dial. All of these contribute to the simplicity yet class that this watch brings. The white dials and the strong characters allow for quick and easy reading of this watch. To top it all off, a date function is also included. If you are looking for a subtle yet classy watch, then this might be the one for you.

Tangente Neomatik Automatic White Dial Watch Designed By Nomos

This watch is the definition of time-keeping elegance. The Nomos Glashutte model 180 is designed in such a way that you can read it in areas with bad lighting. A silver casing, black leather bands, and a white face gives it that classy look. Made by the top watchmakers in the world, this has become an iconic piece cherished by many.

The Nomos Glashutte model 180 is a piece worthy of generations to come. It also has a water resistance of up to 50 meters. Careful maintenance can practically make this piece an immortal and timeless one, a testament to Nomos’ high-quality craftsmanship. If classy is the way you want to go, this watch is definitely the one.

Club Manual-winding White Dial Unisex Watch Designed By Nomos

This watch sports a brown band, stainless steel casing, and red stitching that gives it a vibe not many pieces possess. Model 701 is another versatile and flexible watch, so much so that it is, in fact, a unisex watch. The black and red accents on it make the watch a true beauty that stands out subtly and elegantly.

To add to all that, it also has a water resistance of up to 100 meters. Matching almost any outfit for both men and women, this piece is the embodiment of versatility and flexibility in fashion. Whether to add to your own collection or to give to someone else’s, one can never go wrong with this piece.


Nomos Glashutte procures high-quality pieces that fit a range of purposes. They embody the pride of German watchmakers throughout centuries. Their masterpiece is expected to be timeless and perfect. Whether you’re a young watch enthusiast or an experienced connoisseur, Nomos is bound to be a brand that catches your eyes and decorates your wrist.

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