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New AI systems Will Allow Us to Improve As Human Beings

Yoram Kraus, a mountaineer, entrepreneur, and founder of a company in the AI field, talks about new AI systems that will change our lives and constitute a leap forward to the next stage in evolution.

Yoram Kraus is a successful and different businessman in our landscape. Kraus, an entrepreneur at heart, 53, plus 3, began his career as an army student while studying building engineering at the Israeli Technion.

He founded a company for managing and initiating projects in the real estate field and burst into consciousness when his company initiated and managed close to a hundred buildings in Tel Aviv and managed hundreds of thousands of square meters in the field of offices for international companies such as Google, Mellanox, Sentinel Labs and more.

Kraus has managed and developed buildings for strict preservation in Tel Aviv and considers this a top value for the preservation of history, as well as in the field of urban renewal in Tel Aviv.

Later, he founded high-tech companies that dealt in a variety of fields.

At the same time – Kraus engages in extreme sports, the most prominent of which is mountaineering on the highest peaks in the world.

We all know successful business people who do not bother to sleep two hours a night because they love what they do.

How is it that successful business people and entrepreneurs are the ones who always do sports, eat right, and are more active? Where do you find free time?

If you are busy around the clock you have to manage your schedule carefully. in my view running every day 10 km minimum, is considered the education of the mind and body for self-discipline. No matter what the weather is like outside, you will always find me running in the morning. I realized that running arranges my day more correctly. The activity calms me down, sharpens me, causes me to be at maximum concentration throughout the day and many times the best business ideas are born while running. I solved complex business problems while running many times. Physical and mental education allows me to deal with a lot of issues at the same time and develop my management ability. We all have only 24 hours a day but we can be efficient and sharp if they are managed properly. In my opinion, the busier you are, the more committed you are to managing your schedules according to practical priorities”.

Do your children absorb these qualities?

“When you set a personal example through doing, you don’t have to say much. The kids see everything and absorb the values naturally. I make sure to talk to my children about values like determination and perseverance that are key to success in any field. I have greatly improved my ability in these areas through mountaineering. These are values that lead me in life and whenever I reach the top of a mountain, I look down and appreciate the way. I understand that this is only the beginning and not the finish line. These are the qualities that led me to conquer the goal. I tell my family members that if someone has no passion for doing, it is better not to do it. Fortunately, I work and create what I love to do the most and with great passion”.

What can be done to improve the thinking process?

“The thinking processes become sharp and changes according to our management of ourselves and a strict work plan. The person needs to concentrate their thinking in a clear field to get results. In our world, there are those who think of ideas and do nothing with them and those who dream and fulfill. We must combine feet on the ground and the desire to dream and strive for more. Personal management ability is a privilege you are born with and able to develop and improve. We as people are gifted with the ability to learn. The question we always have to ask ourselves is: Do we want to learn and evolve or not? We always have to remember that managing ourselves and our time is an art”.

In recent years, Yoram Kraus has been working on research and development of the world of AI. According to him, the new AI systems that currently exist for our use are very sophisticated but deal with the production of templates for multi-variables and multi-data (Big Data). Contemporary systems do not know what motivates individuals as individuals but as groups, and only analyze multiplicity of actions and draw conclusions from it. These are smart tools but are limited in the world of human-machine interaction.

The innovation that Kraus predicts is a global breakthrough in the field of SAI. Yoram Kraus explains: “Unlike a standard AI system, new SAI systems work differently. They analyze the nature of the individual user’s behavior and actually create a new database of data that did not exist until today. Beyond that, the system creates a holistic system for the individual user and answers the question of motive: What motivates an individual to perform actions? When the answer is given, the applications become endless. The first thing that happens is that the glass ceiling of AI systems is broken. We get a computer system that knows how to draw conclusions for each individual user and work with them individually. Human-machine interface changes. The computer units receive the ability to understand and draw conclusions that they did not have before”.

Sounds crazy and also scary. Will the computer understand the thinking processes as individual people and not as groups?

“The computer will receive capabilities that it did not have before. Mankind will receive tools that it did not have until today. The individual user will receive more powerful tools for its personal development and our learning ability will improve”.

All with the help of the new technology?

“Yes. It should be understood that we are creating the technology and it will never stop. Because of the issue of privacy and matters of regulation, there are inhibiting barriers, but at the end of the day the technology will run ahead”.

Where will this world go?

“I am not a prophet. What is clear to me is that the digital algorithm that will know how to work as a biological algorithm could combine biological and computerized systems as one unit. It would take the issue of improving human thinking processes to the end. Robotics systems will work as the digital brain, in the distant future. The computer will make decisions based on emotion and intuition. All of this will help us improve our decision-making processes as individuals and will propel whole populations around the world and will change economies around the world”.

Give me an example.

Let’s say I follow a successful businessman and entrepreneur on social networks and Google. At the moment, my ability to receive information about him is only external. I can follow his activities without understanding what motivates him, what are the thinking processes he conducts. I have no chance of understanding which traits make up his psychological profile. In fact, we find that we know nothing about the person we are trying to emulate or learn from. Imagine that we would understand the qualities of the person we want to emulate. If we understand his motives, we will understand the thinking processes of that person. In fact, we have created a complete picture of the man, understanding and reflection. From here we can know how to improve ourselves, how to adapt to our qualities. We will understand how to teach ourselves more correctly, how to contain more and all this will be done automatically by the computer systems that will work with each individual person. It is really a customized study. The future is already here, it is not science fiction”.

Could it affect the education system in schools?

“Certainly. The new AI systems will allow the teacher in the class to work according to the characteristics of each child. A teacher will be able to adapt a personal curriculum for each student. The system will create a virtual private teacher, which will reflect the regular teacher individually for each student. The student will be able to contain more information, talk to the virtual teacher and improve its achievements on every level. The world is ready for interpersonal learning that will improve us as people and make the world and us better”.

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