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Netflix’s Best Series of All Time – 2021/2022

Looking for the best Netflix shows of all time to watch? Well, now you don’t need to spend more time surfing up and down on Netflix, because we are here! We have made a list of some of Netflix’s best and most popular shows and series of all time. This list is specifically designed for people struggling to find shows in their favorite genre. No worries, in this list you will see almost every genre according to your mood, right now. The genres will include comedy, horror, science fiction, action, romance, and more. So, without further delay, Let’s start. 

Please note, every show/series we are going to discuss below has been ranked 60% or more by Google and Netflix users, and 1–10 by IMDb. We will try our best to help you find the best show you are willing to date. There are some mobster-turned moves too. Just check the list now. 

The Umbrella Academy – with 2 seasons, 20 episodes | IMDb rating: 8/10

Here comes Netflix’s best series of all time. The superhero team-ups and downs are just a piece of a real diamond. The series is an adaptation of an award-winning comic, created by the famous Gerard Way. The story feels fantastically unique and by watching, you will get vibes of a refreshing genre. The story of this show revolves around 7 kids, who were born on the same day and time. And, after some time they become orphans. After that, they were adopted by a mysterious billionaire. The billionaire trained them to use their supernatural powers to fight in this evil world. But, when they grow up, their powers and superhero abilities hit them. And, after that day they stop struggling to live their normal lives. In season 2 we are going to jump into the 60s, which is surely going to start with a boom. It’s a little awkward and weird, but also it is everything a genre needs right now. 

Dead To Me – with 2 seasons, 20 episodes | IMDb rating: 8.1/10

Here comes another of Netflix’s best series of all time. Christina Applegate returns to the industry with the buzz of adventure in a mysterious masterpiece. The story revolves around a woman (Christina Applegate), who is trying to pick up all the pieces after her husband got murdered in a horrible hit-and-run road accident. The woman plays an angry role with an equal soft-hearted part. Also, on the other hand, we got Linda Cardellini. Linda Cardellini plays the role of Christina Applegate’s friend (A sunny and optimistic best friend). They both hook up in a group. After that, both Linda and Christina solved many problems after the loss. While solving the murder case of Christina’s husband. This show is going to be a just-as-illegal cover-up. It’s worth watching, go and check it out now. 

The Witcher – with 1 season, 8 episodes | IMDb rating: 8.5/10

One of the top, best, and greatest Netflix’s best series of all time. Henry Cavill is the lead in this fantasy epic. The Witcher is based on one of the best-selling and most popular books and a game franchise. From the beginning, viewers’ expectations were high, but Cavill added some extra spice to them. Henry Cavill plays the role of an experienced monster hunter named Geralt. The showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, served her best and rested for all of us. The way she made changes from page to screen is just fantastic. It’s tangled between a police procedural and a Lord of The Rings-style action. Add this to your Netflix queue now. 

The Last Kingdom – with 4 seasons, 36 episodes | IMDb rating: 8.3/10

If action, war, adventure, and a lot of suspense are your thing, The Last Kingdom is all yours. Yes, it’s another great and impressive series from Netflix’s best series of all time. The story is about a Saxon ruler who is standing against a Danish invasion. Alexander Dreymon plays the role of a Saxon-born, who was raised as a warrior. When he grows up, he finds himself tangled between two worlds. As he fights to win and helps an English King Ruler rule over the Western part. You will find a fantastic crew supporting the cast. This show gives its viewers a realistic feel, which is what we are all looking for. 

When They See Us – with 1 season, 4 episode| IMDb rating: 9/10

One of director Ava DuVernay’s limited sequels. The show is about the wrongfully involved men in the Central Park Five case. It is very sad and makes us think about a terrible event in our history. The series puts light on profiling and crime in the NYPD as a group of young black men are targeted for horrible crimes. They were put on trial with little proof. It’s an emotional, heartbreaking retelling of the story, but one that feels sadly related. You will just love this one too. And yes! It’s also one of Netflix’s best series of all time.


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