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Netflix Reviews Servant Season 1 Episode 9 Recap and Review

Servant season 1 is to be sure a psychological horror play that comes on TV. People like it for its creative horrific features that are different from the earlier tracks. It is pretty eye-catching and breathes taking that’s why people have inquisitiveness regarding Netflix Servant season 1. The main theme lies in the baby who is accountable for the horror in the thriller episodes of Servant season 1.

Netflix horrors

Their infant passes away due to their inner confusions so they replace their infant with the same looking baby doll. The theme is new and it struck to mind. The idea has so much more to display in the upcoming days. This is the main thrill which is accountable for all kind of twists and turns in the thriller. It seems that the Netflix horrors of the parents will access the real peak to justify the scenes.

Servant season 1 episodeis on aired and people were crazy to view it for the specific reason of baby Jericho. Baby Jericho was found to be the main concern of the people as they were just focusing on viewpoint and current activities of Jericho throughout Netflix Servant season 1 episode 9.  She was found to be the main legend and focused throughout mentor the episode. All eyes are on Jericho indeed.

Recap of servant season 1 episode 9

Here one may scrutinize the fluency of storyline in two timelines. One is about the past and the other is concerned with the present time. It is mandatory to keep yourself focused while watching the season as otherwise you will be perplexed about the specific tasks conducted during past and present timelines. They are approaching in sequence by and by. Recap of servant season 1 episodeis subsequently elucidated at this juncture.

The episode opens up with PAST where Dorothy gave birth to a baby youngster Jericho. The Netflix baby Jericho is almost scrolling around the drawers and it gives kind of anxiety to viewers. Dorothy displayed as a carefree and not interested mother regarding her baby. The placenta zipped and kept in the refrigerator.

Netflix story

Then the Netflix story switches to PRESENT, where it connects with the aid of an alarm sound. A breakfast scene observed, Dorothy eating and Sean packing the remaining food items. Here they want to show that the zipped placenta is still lying inside the freezer.

The legend reveals by again clicking to PAST where Dorothy is receiving a parcel draft for Sean that is having a meat slab that has its reality from previous narrative episodes.

PRESENT is giving the plan that Sean is slicing a fish and Dorothy is getting ready for a job. She is intending to take a short sleep but car alarm beep bothers her. She angrily keeps on searching for the key to switch it off but alas.Netflix On the way, she finds a baby walker of Jericho inside the car. Leann shown to scheme the alarm beep with the aid of the standby key.

Here, the PAST is also having an alarm beep which is quite bothering too. Jericho also feels uneasy and Dorothy gets tense to compensate the toddler and support her not to cry. Sean messaged but it seems that she not interested to negotiate anyways.


Reaching the last timeline display of PRESENT, Dorothy seems to be domineering regarding Sean. Sean seems less interested in Dorothy which leads to a disappointment factor indeed. Sean offers food to Leanne which he refuses due to being less yummy. Netflix Leanne starts inquiring Sean that why he is still with Dorothy even after her bad deeds. The episode closes when Leanne shuts the entrance of Jericho as she seems ill and he also let Dorothy stay outside.

One must see the episode twice to give a better Recap of servant season 1 episode 9.

Critical reviews of Netflix servant season 1 episode 9

Reviews of servant season 1 Episode 9 can be concluded as a masterpiece of Director M. Night Shyamalan. This is an outstanding display of handling the situations where a person can get furious at ease. The main focus was Jericho indeed. She was the subject matter of the episode in Netflix Reviews of servant season 1. 

It was having two modes undeniably. The basic model present but it could not maintained without the balancing of the past modes by and by. The past was adding chunks to the present to make it more functional and eye-catching indeed.

Audience seems

The fear point that it observed that a baby there, named Jericho. That baby is in dire need of attention but nobody is playing there part. Rather the audience seems to care for the baby more. The theme smells fragrant. It has verve inside it which is making it more colorful.

Characters getting space to act in potent conduct as the viewers getting affiliated with them. It  noticed that some of the Netflix thrilling messages conveyed to the spectators without the help and support of the dialogues. This acting potency is justified by the role of Leanne and Dorothy in a true manner. No doubt Sean also justified the message convey splendidly.

Critical reviews of Netflix servant season 1 episode 9 

conveys the meaning of being more and more emotional add ups in the story. One may observe the thrilling chunks that are awesome to give it emotional trip in the conclusion. Leanne is switching his acting skills to an anti-hero mode if observed keenly as he seems keen to punish Dorothy. For the purpose, he is suggesting Sean stay away from Dorothy and let alone this kind of lady.

Episode 9 is switching the fresh dilemma on Netflix to add more melody and thrill to the Servant season 1. It will keep the audience engaged to go for supplementary thrills in the upcoming episodes.

This will surely have a negative bang on Dorothy as her disappointment levels are raising with the channel of time. Maybe the result will be visible in the forthcoming episodes.

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