NetbaseQuid, One of the Best Firms in Social Media Audit Globally


With modern technology dominating the world, social media has not been left out. Companies and organizations have invested high on social media to market their services and products. However, these companies and organizations have been seeking their social media platforms to be audited to get their customers’ inputs and responses. Social media audit collects, analyzes, and gives details of social media accounts. Social media audit helps companies determine whether social media efforts are relevant to the company’s goals and objectives.

About NetbaseQuid

Do you need your company’s social account, audited? With NetbaseQuid, your problem is covered. NetbaseQuid is the leading company that offers its customers with market intelligence that delivers your business solution. The company is involved in auditing social media posts, product reviews, consumer reviews, and forums, which can be visualized and analyzed to discover market insights. The company offers a market intelligence platform that delivers contextual insights on the business trends and helps its clients understand the story behind the success of its competitors and some of the market trends. Also; the company uses artificial intelligence to analyze and process indexed resources in structured and unstructured data. It enables its clients to empower their brands, thus making data-driven decisions efficiently and quickly.

NetBaseQuid Steps for Social Media Audit

Channel Performance Review

This is where more effort is put. In this, the follower’s count and development is critical, and the mentions and shares have made. A social media audit ensures that the company does not waste many resources that are not paying off. Companies pay more attention to the community engagement metrics such as the number of messages received and the number of responses given. This will enable the company to determine the positivity and negativity levels of the consumers. By doing this, a clear decision can made whether to invest in social media or not.

Content Performance Review

Rather than focusing only on the numbers, NetbaseQuid examines how the social media audience behaves in terms of bounce rates, page views, and conversations. With all aspects put on the social media audit, small fixes can bring about a considerable effect. Therefore identifying the best performing posts can deliver insights into what works for you, what does not work, and why.

Audience Insights

NetbaseQuid looks closely at the demographics in all channels. This involves determining the follower’s gender, interests, and locations. The follower’s numbers have then compared to the engagement rate, thus concluding a conclusive observation. These demographics can observe on Twitter and Facebook, thus determining the consumers’ social media interaction.

Digital Buzz Check

Once the posts on social media have analyzed across all channels, it is essential to align these posts with the audience’s responses and what they are talking about. NetbaseQuid uses social media listening tools to track brand names and hashtags, and by doing so, invaluable insights on what the audience cares about have discovered. This helps the company to know what customers say about their brand.

Company Goals Alignment

Social media audit enables the company to examine whether social media platforms fit and support the company goals. Neglecting to align social media with the company’s goals and objectives defeat not only the purpose of the company but also creates a vacuum; thus, the role of the company cannot know by consumers. Therefore the audit determines whether the social media channels are aligning with the company’s goals and objectives.

After completion of social audits, comprehensive documentation should be prepared. A report of results and analyses should prepare, and through this report, the company can come up with plans of using the findings to better the company. This also allows the company to demonstrate how social media platforms facilitate and enhance the company’s business objectives.