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Natalie Taylor, The CEO Of Win Win Networks Shares Lessons on Life

Natalie Taylor is a business development consultant who helps individuals and entrepreneurs reach their full potential by helping them in different capacities. Besides being an excellent business development consultant, she is a fantastic transformation coach and develops human capital development strategies. Natalie helps people optimize their professional and personal lives based on her Life and Business Architect program.

Natalie, before becoming a transformation coach, was a successful financial consultant on Wall Street. She earned her position at several Fortune 100 companies after starting from Credit Suisse. After Credit Suisse, she worked as a public auditor at Ernst and Young and then later went on to work for several big names in the market. To name a few, she worked for UBS, Goldman Sachs, Leman Brothers, National Australia Bank, etc.

Win Win Networks LLC:

After earning her stripes in Wall Street, she decided to develop her business management skills and decided to pursue an MBA. However, after completing her MBA, life had different plans for her. Which all led up to establishing Win Win Networks LLC. After completing her higher education, she went back home to Jamaica, where she found herself in a toxic marriage. With all the laurels and success to her name, Natalie still felt empty inside. Although she had checked all the boxes for success, she thought she was missing something important in her life. She believes that the years of feelings of unworthiness, loss, and abuse manifested inside her, and she could not escape the cruel cycle.

Things fell apart for Natalie when in September 2016, she lost her income, marriage, home, and all relationships. This tragic loss was overwhelming and forced her to think about her situation. Even being a successful transformation coach, business development consultant, and strategist, she could not pull herself out of this bubble. She spent the last three months of the years reflecting on her situation and accepting the reality. She decided she wanted more for her life, and all the external success markers would not compensate for internal struggle.

Natalie and Foster Mother:

In December 2016, Natalie went to live with her foster mother with her children and decided to rebuild herself. All the achievements and progress in her life could not make her feel happy and successful, She needed some physical evidence to prove it. She also profoundly needed internal clarity, peace, and confidence to live life the way she wanted. She worked hard on herself and essentially recognized her own blueprint to understand where she needs to improve in her life. After working on herself for a year, Natalie finally felt like life was going the way she wanted it to and moved to her own house around Christman 2018.

Around that time, Natalie had a moment of realization that helped her decide to build a foundation for her kids to build on. Keeping that in mind, she relaunched her coaching program at the beginning of 2009. She started with a group of 25 people and helped them through her own journey and struggle. The program was an instant hit and created a ripple effect, which grew her coaching practice to six figures. With this money, she started leadership and human capital development consulting and had a constant stream of money throughout the year.

While she had struggled earlier in her life. Natalie was able to build her life again from scratch and is now helping other people do so as well. From riches to rags and again to riches, Natalie has seen it all yet still thrived. Because of her talent and hard work. Along her journey, she has learned many life lessons. She is now using to help others to overcome their hurdles. If you are also looking for a way to free yourself off shackles and achieve your true potential. You can connect with her through her website and schedule a one-on-one session.

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