The Orion Crew Capsule is one of the European Spacecraft which is intended to carry four astronauts to different destinations. Currently, it is under development by the NASA and the ESA for launch on the Spacecraft System.

The 50th anniversary of NASA was not only limited to celebrate past achievements but was also marked the day by confirming the Orion Crew Capsule. This will once again bring back Astronauts back to the Moon after the Apollo Programme. It is said that approximately in June 2020 the Orion Crew Capsule will get ready for its first lunar trip.

At the same time, it is also mentioned that Orion won’t be carrying any astronauts in its first Moon Mission, except for Artemis 1. That too will fly uncrewed propelled by the SLS. It will also spend 3 weeks in space which will include 6 days orbiting Moon and returning to the Earth. Once it will return there will be various crucial tests to be performed to demonstrate the efficacy of the Orion Capsule’s Thermal Shielding. It will help to send the actual crew to the Moon with the help of Artemis 2 in 2022 and will also deliver Astronauts back from the Lunar surface in the year 2024.

This isn’t that the first time Orion is going to Space, initially Orion went to space with Exploration Flight Test 1. It was an Unscrewed Mission where the Astronauts spent 4 hours in space revolving twice around the Earth and then returning to Earth. This mission acquired the rocket name Delta IV instead of SLS for the key test of Artemis.

Lockheed Martin the Manufacturer of the Orion Spacecraft has also notified that crew module and the service module is recently under integrated construction to be prepared for the series of test. It will come back to Kennedy Space Center in Florida once it succeeds in a series of test.


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