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nakd.: A Deodorant That Gives Back

When deciding to purchase a new product, customers tend to choose brands that align with their core values. They want to see their money is not just going into the pockets of big corporations, but it is also being used to help those in need. By buying from companies who give back a portion of their sales, consumers feel like they are adding their grain of sand to a particular cause. That is why a handful of companies are now working with different charities.

If you are looking to change your deodorant for a natural option and want a brand that gives back to the community, Vasarii’s nakd. deodorant is the one you have been looking for. They are 100% environmentally friendly, 100% cruelty-free, 100% sustainable, and they donate 10% of their profits on every sell. Exactly what you want from a brand whose products you will be using on your body!

nakd. deodorant

nakd. deodorant is a natural deodorant made from pure crystalized potassium alum, which means it is made 100% from natural mineral salts. According to Josh Spilewski–the brains behind this innovative product–“natural mineral salts have been used as a natural deodorant for hundreds of years in Thailand.” That is exactly where this product is manufactured, to bring its high quality to customers.

This deodorant makers believe in cutting out the chemicals to benefit your skin: “safe for sensitive skin, it also boasts zero fragrances, parabens, shirt-staining dyes, gluten, or animal products.” That is why nakd. is hypoallergenic, with no alcohol, emulsifiers, or aluminum chloralhydrate. They have become one of the safest options for your skin…and for your shirts.

What motivates Vasarii to make environment-friendly products? “We believe a future where we’ve cleaner earth that’s freed from toxicity, exploitation, and wastage. A future where citizenry trusts and depends upon the effectiveness and genuineness of naturally obtained products.”

nakd. deodorant Gives Back

nakd deodorant Gives Back

From the very beginning, Vasari has shown their great caring nature by working with an eco-friendly product. Also; advocating for a cruelty-free manufacturing process. However, that was not enough for them. As a growing company, they knew it was necessary for them to do their part and help those in need.

Spilewski explains as a company they “believe in giving back to the local communities that we source our natural ingredients from.” For that reason, 10% of every nakd. The deodorant sale they make goes to help that local Thailand community. This continues to prove Vasarii is a brand with a strong set of beliefs and values. It goes beyond using natural ingredients to create cruelty-free products. They believe helping one another is the most important thing we can do as a society.

They are natural, cruelty-free, and they donate part of their profits. What else does Vasarii do? As a company that takes from nature, they believe it is very important to give back to it. Therefore, they provide support to organizations and charities involved in afforestation, preservation of plant and animal life, and marine habitat protection and care. If you visit their website, you can now vote for Pete’s Mission, Kwah Dao, or Pure Blue Foundation to receive a donation at the end of the year.

nakd. deodorant Should be Your First Choice

When you think about purchasing a beauty product. You want to make sure it will be good for you and the environment. You want to support a brand that believes in helping others while providing their customers with the best quality possible. And that is exactly what Vasarii’s nakd. deodorant does. The environment and the community are as much of a priority as their customers. They are a brand that cares and that is why they should be your first natural deodorant choice.

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