Most Popular Video Game Villains of All Times


Conflicts, hurdles, and bad guys create the most amazing storylines and plots for video games. For the past 40 years, game developers and character artists have been giving life to some of the most notorious bad guys and villains to video game fans. Game developers and other elements of the gaming industry have given people the best gaming experience for a long-time. Many games have a fan-following that dates back to generations.

During the Coronavirus Lockdown, it is a good idea to sit back, relax on your couch and have some quality time with your family and friends while playing different games including a few classics like Pac-Man and many other new games by Capcom, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and even SEGA.

If you fancy playing games on your smartphones then you can play Pubg, Fortnite and many other popular games that are available for both Android and iOS users which they can download using Spectrum Internet. Spectrum offers the best speeds, the 24/7 Spectrum chat support. Here are a few popular villains of all times that you can come across playing your favorite games:


Game Name: Super Mario Franchise

Voiced By: Kenny James

Bowser who is also known as the King Koopawhich is the main antagonist of Super Mario. In the Japanese culture, Bowser is known as Daimaō or the Great Demon King and is known as the King of the Koopas or the Sorcerer King. He is the leader of the Koopa race who are turtle-like creatures. Bowser is always trying to kidnap Princess Peach, defeat Mario and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.

Notable Quote: “Mario! You again! Well that’s just fine–I’ve been looking for something to fry with my fire breath! Your Star Power is useless against me! Your friends are all trapped in the walls. And you’ll never see the princess again!”

The Illusive Man

Game Name:  Mass Effect: Evolution, Mass Effect: Foundation, Mass Effect: Ascension, Mass Effect: Redemption, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect: Retribution, Mass Effect: Deception, Mass Effect: Invasion, Mass Effect: Homeworlds, Mass Effect 3

Voiced By: Martin Sheen

The Illusive Man is a secretive, and one of the most well-informed leader of Cerberus. He appears to have silver-grey hair which are close-cropped and has steel blue eyes which seem to be prosthetic. The character has been using Cerberus and his network of individuals to achieve his goal of making humanity one of the most influential races of all time. His early life and real name are not known by many people anymore.

Notable Quotes:Salvation comes with A Cost. Judge Us Not By Our Means, But What We Seek To Accomplish.”

Edgar Ross

Game Name: Red Dead Redemption, Red 5 Redemption II

Voiced By: Jim Bentley

Born in the 1860s, Edgar Ross was appointed as a member of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in the year 1907. He became director of the law of enforcement body called the BOI or the Bureau of Investigation which later became FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to the events of the game, Ross takes John Marston’s family away from him in the year 1911 to strong-arm him and hunt down his former associates from gang called the Van der Linde gang. After the deaths of his associates named Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella, and Dutch van der Linde, Ross gives a chance to Marston to have his life and his family again at the Marston’s Ranch where he betrays him by attacking his family with soldiers and lawmen and kills John. He retires after three years and moves to have a quiet life with his brother and wife in a small cabin. He gets killed by Jack who is John Marston’s son later on.

Notable Quote: “Actions have consequences, Mr. Marston! You can’t just buy a few chickens and expect it to go away. You can’t erase the past, John… But we can.”

Pacman Ghosts

Game Name: Pacman Franchise

Voiced By: Blinky (Lucien Dodge), Inky(Julia Kliewer), Pinky(Julia Kliewer) and Clyde(Orion Acaba)

The Pacman Ghosts are one of the main enemies of the Pac-man series and consists of 4 members of the Ghost Gang. Their names are Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde who are often cruel and mischievous and sometimes they just want to antagonize Pac-Man just for fun. They have to move around in the game maze in a careful way as Pac-Man can swallow the Power Pellet and swallow them whole. They travel to Pac-Land from the Ghost Land and cause havoc and mischief.

Notable Quote: “We’ll be chasing little Packy all day long! We’ll be chasing little Packy all day long! We’ll be chasing little Packy, and we’ll chomp him till he’s wacky! We’ll be chasing little Packy all day long!”

Shao Kahn

Game Name: Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat Advance, MK: Deadly Alliance, MK: Deception, MK: Unchained, MK: Shaolin Monks, MK: Armageddon, MK vs DC Universe, Mortal Kombat 2011, Mortal Kombat Mobile, Mortal Kombat 11, Most comortable gaming chairs in 2020.

Voiced By: Steve Ritchie, Michael Des Barres, John Vernon, Frank Welker, Steve Ritchie, Nigel CaseyPatrick Seitz Bob Carter, Ike Amadi

Shao Kahn who is known as Shao Kahn the Konqueror is the embodiment of evil throughout the Mortal Kombat series. He resembles a large-sized warrior of the Asian origins and is known amongst the Mortal Kombat Kombatants for his godlike strength that is more or less like that of Raiden. He is brutal and ferocious in battle and is fond of personal executions. He has the power to consume the souls of the fallen warriors.

Notable Quote: “The Elder Gods Fear Me Now. Their Pathetic Mortal Kombat Shackles Me No Longer. They Mascaraed As Dragons, But Are Mere Toothless Worms. I Know You Can Feel It… It Is The End Of All Things.”


 The current crisis situation might be a time of panic and pain for many people but it is a good idea to take some time off from all the thoughts that might be crowding your mind and play some amazing video games. These will help you stay productive and distracted from the bad news and boredom.


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