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According To Reddit, Top 10 Most Modern Family’s Popular Characters!

Modern Family features a large cast of primary and supporting modern family’s most popular characters, and Reddit users are voting on who they think is the most intriguing and amusing.

It’s only natural for viewers to favor certain characters a comic like Modern Family has a large ensemble of leading and supporting characters enlarging Modern Family’s character ranking. While the overall Pritchett/Tucker/Delgado family has its share of funny and touching moments, several characters in a Modern Family stand out due to their plotlines and significant life changes.

Reddit users have shared their picks for the most memorable characters on Modern Family, ranging from a few exciting supporting characters to some members of the core group who fans enjoy watching the most.

Mitch Pritchett

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

Mitch is a fan-favorite figure that contributes significantly to the narrative. Thanks to his relationship with Cam to their desire to learn more about Lily and help her out as she grows older.

Mitch “had some memorable stunts,” according to Reddit user Funnysox69. Many admirers admire Mitch’s worry about changing things in his life and his inability to have fun at times. It’s always fun to watch Mitch interact with the other characters. Mitch and Claire’s sibling relationship has had its ups and downs, but their love for each other is inspiring.

Jay Pritchett

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

While Jay has done some horrible things on Modern Family, viewers have seen a lot of growth in this character, and by the end of the season, Jay has become a much more interesting and multifaceted character. While he may pop up harsh and track in his ways in season one, he does not remain that way, as he regularly shows his Family how much he feels about them.

Sure-Top-4676, a Reddit member, admires Jay’s work “He seems as if he doesn’t care, but in reality, he does. Because of Gloria’s influence, his character developed.”

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Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

While discussing fan-favorite characters from this popular sitcom, she is a witty, happy, compassionate parent, wife, family member, and friend character from Modern Family. Gloria is always striving to improve the lives of others around her, whether it’s through helping Manny gain confidence or encouraging Jay to socialize more.

Gloria, along with Phil, is one of the “best written” and “consistently funny” characters, according to Reddit user ndrw17. Gloria’s supporters root for her and urge her to trust in herself when she wonders whether she may go into real estate in season 10.

Phil Dunphy

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

Phil is such a goofball that his joking about and occasionally light tales may grow old and tiresome. Modern family’s most popular character Instead, the opposite is accurate, and viewers enjoy watching Phil’s innocence and enthusiasm for life.

“He always got me laughing even burst into tears during every show,” said Phil fan Riannefid11 on Reddit. Phil is always a fantastic character, from his Modern Family real estate sequences where he’s attempting to sell Pepper a mansion and understands that Pepper wants to keep Phil in his life to how much he cares about his kids’ happiness.

Cam Tucker

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

Cam is a favorite Modern Family character, according to Reddit user passionate. There’s a lot to admire about him, from his homesickness for the country life he left behind to his desire to help his sister Pam with her son Cal.

Whether he’s throwing a party, carrying out at an event, or taking up time with Mitch and Lily at home, Cam brightens up the room. Cam always strives to do the right thing, and it’s touching to see Cam and Mitch do their best to support their daughter when they tell her they want to hear what music she likes, and she plays thrash metal.

Dylan Marshall

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

“Dylan is the most consistently ridiculous. Perhaps due to his shot appearing on the screen.” Said Reddit user Grid, Modern Family’s most memorable amusing member.

He has a childlike quality about him that makes for some amusing moments. It’s wildly entertaining to see Phil and Claire engage with him. While Claire hopes Dylan will mature. Phil accepts him for who he is and misses him when he and Haley aren’t together, and Dylan is in trouble.

Haley Dunphy

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

According to the author, Haley is “now maturing and becoming a lot more watchable.” According to Reddit user kelsey11, “the program does a fantastic job of depicting real-life changes.”

It’s fascinating to watch Haley’s development on Modern Family. As soon as she learns she’ll be a mother, the character attempts to be more mature. And Despite their doubts and anxiety, Sarah and Dylan are committed to doing a good job.


Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

Cam and Mitch have a vibrant social life and they frequently hang out with Sal. An old acquaintance who appears in their lives on occasion. The sitcom depicts how the couple’s lives have altered after becoming parents and how this has affected their current relationships. Sal has a hard time accepting how responsible Cam and Mitch have become.

“My favorite is Sal (Elizabeth Banks),” Reddit user TARDIStaru remarked. Adding that Sal never tries to make fans chuckle, whether she’s frightened of commitment or going out with her friends.

Pepper Saltzman

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

“Pepper Saltzman, absolutely,” Reddit user dozerman94 commented of a favorite character from the supporting cast who appears frequently.

After season 1, Pepper is one of the top Modern Family characters, and he returns in season 2. Pepper’s cheerful demeanor and intelligence are loved by viewers. Whether hanging out with Mitch and Cam or forging a strong bond with Phil.

Frank Dunphy

Most Modern Family's Popular Characters

“Loved the character,” remarked Reddit user ButteredReality of Phil’s father, Frank.

One of the most moving Modern Family sequences is Phil’s grief over his father’s death. And viewers know that Frank has taught Phil that it’s alright to be silly and that being serious isn’t much fun. Including his performance on the modern family’s most popular characters list.

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