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Most hit songs of BTS ARMY that will drive you crazy

Did you know, that there exists a passionate band of talented boys driving people crazy from their amazing songs? What’s the first band hits your band? Thinking about the BTS Army? Yes, you are right! 

BTS army has been winning hearts for the last 8 years. With its pop-notch music. After releasing their top hits ‘Boy With Luv’ and ‘Idol’ BTS has slowly become the most famous boys group in the world. As the group’s success grows, they start having a big amount of fans. And named them as ‘AKA The Army’. Now the army fans are not afraid of telling their biases (favorite member) maybe. Single of them (Jin, Suga, J hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook) have proven themselves lit in front of their fans! One listens and you will be hooked with them.

After listening to these listed songs below, everyone is going to be one of their fans! 

1.  Dynamite

The list will be incomplete if we are going to ignore this masterpiece. Dynamite has broken two records, the first one is the Billboard top 100. And the second one is Digital Songs Sales Chart. This song got 101 million views in the first 24 hours. Liked by every single human globally. After BTS released Dynamite, Dynamite becomes one of the most noticeable songs of BTS Army.  

bts army

2.  Butter

You know what? BTS Army is on the list of breaking they’re on records! Recently YouTube has confirmed that their recently released song Butter officially breaks the record of their song Dynamite. Butter gets 108 million views in the first 21 hours. And this news makes Butter the fastest song to reach a milestone on YouTube! Still, haters are saying that Butter is a flop. Yes, it is a flop. That’s why this song stays at the top of Billboard 100 continuously till the 5th week. And Butter has won 12 awards in BTS anniversary month.

bts army

3.  Boy in Luv

Boy in Luv was the fastest Korean boy group music video that passes 1.3 Billion views on YouTube. Back then the only Korean group music video which has reached this limit was BlackPink kill this love. BTS members say that Boy in Luv is one of BTS first hit songs from which BTS comes in the pop music game. 

bts army

4.  Idol 

BTS song idol is about self-worth and identity. This song talks about how they accepted their role. And telling us that this is the life they have chosen. Saying that they are grateful and want us to know that they are happy for the love and support. “They call me artist/ you can call me idol”. RM and J Hope rap this line in the first verse, before explaining the feeling of being a role model. This track is directly directed to the haters. But this song every single line is about how they become famous and “they are proud of it” (J Hope line from song idol).


5.  Fake love

Here comes another successful song of our favorite band BTS. The main reason behind the success of their song Fake Love is obvious. Everything BTS release or puts out gets extremely famous. BTS earned huge success after putting out their Love Yourself album. Not only by the sales of albums but also from YouTube. The real reason for making this song fake love was to love yourself. One of the members explained that “you can’t love someone until you learn to love yourself” 

bts army s

6.  Black Swan 

This track made BTS rise even more upper level of Fame. As it was the most popular BTS Korean song. The root reason for being popular with this song was its Lyrics and dark production. “Black Swan,” tells the story of an artist who fears the death of his carrier.

bts army

What Hits the Most? – 2021

Well, we all started from the point where we want to know the most hit song that could drive us crazy. Right? Maybe you are also curious to jump to the point where you can shout with the perks of BTS’s Fav Album. And if we talk about their latest one, the answer would be #dynamite! Yep! Dynamite is the song that will live forever in our hearts. It is still trending to the #3 of Spotify. Isn’t that WOW? Starting from a soothing tone, twisting with a chirp of Jungkook voice, and then turns the Melo into a hilarious drama. Well, that’s all fine, when you want to start your day. But, laziness is urging you to be a snail. Turn on your phone, search this song and get up like a pro!

End Words!

So, what are your thoughts now? In which song do you get most interested? BTS has a bunch of collections to drive you crazy. whether you are a sad song lover, romantic tone fan, or a rock and roll follower. They have got you covered. Drop your thoughts in the comment bar, and tell me what’s your fav!