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3 Most Asked Questions About Coronavirus Health Insurance

As the health insurance  COVID-19 outbreak goes from bad to worse, thousands of people are impacted in nearly every state in India. The economy seem to sink around the world, and hospitals  scramble for equipment and bed as more and more people keep getting infect every day. Given the gravity of the situation, India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) had also issued an advisory to insurance companies to speed up the processing of COVID-19 pandemic claims.

It means you  covered for claims relating to Coronavirus disease. If you already have a health insurance policy in place. However, that depends on your insurance provider. Several health insurance companies have introduced an exclusive Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy that provides cover for medical expenses if the insured gets tested positive with the COVID-19 virus.  Coronavirus related symptoms  covered for both pre- and post-hospitalization costs, emergency bills, and treatment expenses.

Here are the most common questions people ask about the health insurance policy for Coronavirus. We have tried our best to answer them.

  1. What  Covered Under Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy?

Under the Coronavirus health insurance policy,  the costs of hospitalization, medical expenses incurred during the treatment of the disease, and all medical expenses incurred during the quarantine will be reimbursed by the insurance provider. There are reputed insurers such as Tata AIG promising the best insurance scheme for Coronavirus protection. They offer:

  • Cover for Hospitalization

You  covered by the coronavirus health insurance policy if you admitted to a hospital due to COVID19. Because Coronavirus diagnosis may cause you to be hospitalized for a couple of days.All the related expenses  compensated either cashlessly or on a repayment basis.

Expense Post-hospitalization

  •  Being diagnose with Coronavirus also means you may some health complications before and after the diagnosis. Since most insurance providers now cover Coronavirus. You can rest assured that your insurance policy will take care of the bills of medical treatment.
  1. How Can You Buy A Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy During A Lockdown?

You can easily buy a coronavirus health insurance policy online through the insurer’s website. But, you must realize that a medical test required buying a coronavirus health insurance policy. Now, with the whole country under lockdown, insurers have simplified their underwriting process by providing people with the telemedical process – a distance-based method of underwriting – instead of physical medical testing at medical centers.

Under the telemedical scheme, you asked to send some information about your health status over the phone to an approved provider. As per your health condition, the insurer will issue the coronavirus policy.

  1. How To Claim For Settlement Under Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy?

If you sick you need to do is keep cool, self-quarantine you do not pass the illness to anyone. For claims, contact the insurance company to follow the recommended process. Just make sure the insurance  revised and check if the company provides cashless care . You can stay focused on what’s most important while you’re sick-recovery and recuperation. Like, any insurance, you have to file for a claim,then your insurance provider will start the claim settlement process.

With the Coronavirus pandemic causing an alarming situation, a coronavirus  policy can keep you and your family financially secure. The policy will also serve you as a good option for the long term. As you will remain covered for all other ailments and treatment. Reputable insurers like Tata AIG offers comprehensive that covers various critical illnesses as per government directives. Make sure you read the policy documents carefully before you buy it to stay protected during these tough times.

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