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Modern Bed Designs That Will Transform Your Bedroom into A Royal Luxury Suite

Which is the one room in your home that you want to retreat to after a long hard day at work? For most, it is their bedroom! Since you spend almost a third of your life in this room it has to have the best of everything. Among the most important items in your master bedroom, it is the bed. It is not only the focal point of your bedroom it is also the place where you rest and relax. Hence it has to be chosen wisely, here are some bed designs that can transform your bedroom:

Deciding on the Material of Bed Frames

Before deciding on the bed designs, first, you should decide on the material of the bed frame. The two most common options are the metal and wooden bed frames, but the wooden ones are popular because the metal frames are:

  • The metal frames are lightweight and hence they may not be able to bear the weight of the mattress.
  • Though they are more affordable they are not as durable as they suffer more wear and tear.
  • Metal frames do not have many options when it comes to designs and types
  • The bed frames overtime becomes creaky and noisy causing sleep disturbances.
  • They are not water-resistant and can easily corrode.
  • They cannot be customized to include storage or add carved headboard and footboard.
  • It does not add the richness in texture that is needed to transform the room from simple to regal.

Which Wood is Better?

Woods are classified into two types; the hardwood and the softwood. This classification is not based on how hard or soft it is but is based on its origin. Usually, hardwoods are flowering trees whereas softwoods are conifers. Normally, hardwood is considered valuable and better than softwood for making bed frames.

There are many types of hardwood which are used to make bed frames like the birchwood, mahogany, maple, beechwood, chestnut, etc. But among them, the Sheesham wood is the most popular for the following reasons:

  • Comes in a variety of shades
  • Is more durable and long-lasting
  • Can be carved without any difficulty
  • Is an economical option

Different Wooden Bed Designs

There are various styles and designs of bed frames that are available in the market. Listed below are some of the most popular options that you can choose based on your style.

Platform beds:

These are beds that come in low height and have a solid base which is flat. Hence it is ideal for those looking for good mattress support. These frames have a sleek and modern look that can suit all types of mattresses. They also provide optimal back support and do not occupy a large amount of space. Hence it is suited for modern apartments that do not have enough space but want to have a sophisticated look and feel.

Beds with Storage:

This is a type of bed frame that is a good blend of style and comfort. It acts great depth to your bedroom not to mention character. Experts from Wakefit explain that these beds come with storage options and hence suited for those who are looking for additional storage. These beds are usually made from solid wood and hence are durable and long-lasting.

Sleigh beds:

These elegant wooden beds have a sleigh-shaped headboard and are highly comfortable to lie on. It is low in height and provides great support to the whole body especially the back. So, you can either sit up and read a book or watch TV or lie down for a comfortable nap.

Canopy beds:

These bed frames come with wooden posters and a well-designed headboard. Draping the posters with the fabric of your choice adds luxury to your bedroom and your sleep. Apart from the aesthetics, the canopy beds provide great warmth during cold winters.

Cottage style bed:

You can add a cottage type charm to your bedroom by having a cottage style bed. It comes in many hues so that it suits all types of decor. This type of bed is ideal for adults as well as kids as they are sturdy and durable.

King v/s queen

The size of the bed is an important factor to consider and should be considered based on room size more than preferences. Opt for:

King-size if 

  • You have a room that is large enough to accommodate the size then this is the ideal option.
  • You and your partner like extra space.
  • Also; you have a family and your child often wants to sleep with you.

Queen-size if

  • You have an average-sized room. Opt for a queen bed with storage for additional space for storing things.
  • You and your partner like to cosy up while sleeping

The bed designs that have mentioned above all offer style and comfort which are the two most important things in your bedroom. There are many other designs available, you can also check for a bed online.  While considering the designs take into consideration the room size and the overall decor. Doing so can transform your bedroom into a luxury suite.

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