We have been using microwave ovens for a long time now. Despite this fact, there are many people who make small mistakes while using the microwave oven and find themselves in the soup. Either the microwave oven is damaged due to such a mistake and stops working, or the person using the microwave oven is hurt. In either of the cases, the results are far from expected and we always end up blaming the company that has manufactured the microwave mistakes. For the best analysis of microwave ovens, please read our detailed guide on the best microwave ovens in India. Let us look at the common mistakes that people make while using a microwave oven and what we can do to avoid them.

  • When you do not read the instruction manual properly

Whenever you buy any appliance for your kitchen, it is highly imperative that you read your instruction manual thoroughly before operating it. Even if you have used such an appliance before, you should read it because all the models of any appliance have different operating and functioning. When you do not read the instruction manual you are taking a risk on yourself and your appliance. Every model of a microwave oven is different from others and reading the instruction manual will make you aware of how to best use it, clean it, or even install it. Most of the time, the manual is in different languages for your convenience. Please operate as described in the manual.

  • When you do not use microwave-safe utensils

It is important that you respect the instructions given in the manual. One of the instructions which you will find in the manual is to use microwave-safe utensils only. This means you can use glass or ceramic bowls or plates to cook in a microwave oven. Some glass or ceramic bowls have metal for the purpose of decoration. Do not use such bowls or plates in the microwave oven as the metal will work as an antenna and will reflect the microwave radiation causing the sparks in the oven.

  • When you do not clean the microwave regularly

Cleaning of any household product is crucial especially when it is a product to be used for your cooking. You should clean your microwave oven every week if you are using it for cooking or reheating. It should be cleaned properly after every big cook. Do not continue to use the microwave oven without cleaning it because it might contain splashes of food or liquid which has hardened and stuck to the interior walls of the microwave oven. These splashes might be infected with bacteria which will, in turn, infect the food you cook. It is very unhygienic and unhealthy to cook in such a microwave oven.

  • When you block the holes meant to release air from the microwave

There are holes on the side and top of your microwave oven. If you place the microwave oven where these holes are covered, you will put yourself in danger. Ensure that there is enough space above, below and on the sides of the microwave oven while installing it. Do not use the microwave oven as a stand and put things on it. It is a cooking appliance that releases heat.

  • When you are boiling water in the microwave

When you boil water in a microwave oven, the water cannot form bubbles. Bubbles actually help water to lose some heat. When the heat is not lost from the water, the water goes above its boiling point. When you touch or move the glass or cup of water or the surface is disturbed in any other way like putting a spoon in it, the water will make the glass to explode with excess heat. It is better to use other methods to heat water.

  • When you use plastic bowls

Plastic is sometimes marked as microwave safe. However, even if it is a very good quality plastic, it tends to release toxic doses of Bisphenol A that is found to be a cause of neurological and developmental damage in laboratory animals. It is always better to use glass or ceramic for healthier cooking.

Generally, people presume that the takeaway containers from the restaurants are microwave-safe and can be used to reheat. However, these containers are not safe and release toxins when heated in the microwave oven.

  • When you use a microwave oven at a high temperature

There are generally 3 temperatures you can set in your microwave oven: Low, Medium, and High. Most people will just cook everything at a high temperature. Using high temperature does not ensure that the food is cooked quickly. It just makes it more likely to be cooked unevenly. If you cook on medium heat, the quality of the cooking will improve.

  • When you cook the wrong food in a microwave oven

There are some foods which can be cooked in a very good way in a microwave oven. However, there are some foods that are not advisable to be cooked in a microwave oven. You should not cook potatoes, eggs especially hard-boiled eggs, chili peppers, or hot dogs in a microwave oven. Excess heat can cause an explosion of their skin and burn you. Make sure that the food you cook in a microwave oven is not of the wrong type.

  • When you use the microwave oven even when it is physically damaged

Sometimes we all have a tendency to procrastinate work. Many people will not call a professional even if they see physical damage in their microwave oven. Damages like the door not closing properly, broken hinges or latches, any part of the microwave oven is bent out of shape, etc. are very serious. They should be repaired by a professional before you use your microwave oven. Do not take these things for granted as it is really harmful to you and your family.

When you follow all the precautions given above you are likely to take the best advantage of your microwave oven. However, not following procedures and instructions might cause damage to the microwave oven and to you physically.

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