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Men’s Workout Shorts: A Complete Guide

Men’s Workout Shorts: A Complete Guide

There are lots of variables to consider while finding a good pair of workout shorts. Some men love more form-fitting pair, while others prefer the comfort of a pair of basketball shorts. Men’s workout shorts come in a wide range of lengths and styles, so the main things to look for in a good pair are a comfortable fit and a high-tech moisture-wicking material. More points for pairs that look as good when you’re on the treadmill as they do when you’re picking up your post-gym protein shake. But it really depends on personal preference.

If you are planning to or you actually do workout regularly, you’ll be in your workout shorts a lot. Wearing lightweight, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulating workout shorts is important as they keep you dry during your work out sessions improving the efficiency of your workout.

Put on a lean, flexible, and durable gym attire to allow freedom of movement and comfort during a high energy workout.

Different Lengths of Popular

One of the most important factors when shopping for workout shorts is the inseam. It is the length of the seam between the bottom of the crotch and the bottom of the shorts.

A useful method is to have the bottom of your shorts rest one to three inches above your knee; this typically means you’ll be between a length of 7-9” inseam.

Types of Workout Shorts Materials

Wearing the right material of workout shorts can also increase the efficiency of your sweat session.


Known for its comfort, cotton is best for low-sweat activities. It tends to produce less post-workout odors than some other fabrics, but it is not recommended for intensive training workouts because of its high sweat-retention properties.


Nylon is a breathable, stretchy, comfortable, and quick-drying fabric that makes an appearance in many modern training garments. It’s ideal for outdoor training. Unlike cotton, it is a much better choice for intensive activities as it wicks sweat away from the skin.


Polyester is the workhorse of the men’s workout shorts. Including durability, breathability, and wrinkle resistance. It is also lightweight, UV repellent, moisture-wicking, and non-absorbent.


Like Polyester, polypropylene is made from plastic and is an ideal base layer in workout clothing due to the fact that it is highly water-resistant.


It is soft, lightweight, comfortable, and moisture-wicking.


Wool is an all-natural fabric that comes with some great built-in properties. It is a great insulator, highly durable, wicks away moisture and is odor-resistant.

While some men prefer that reach the calf, most wear that stop at the knee or just above, procreating the style as fashion. Broadly speaking, men’s workout shorts should be chosen on the basis of fabrics that are lightweight, comfortable, non-chafing, breathable, and moisture-wicking as they make the best training and garments. Words like movability, moisture-wicking, and breathability are now important, and selecting the best workout shorts can mean the difference between putting in a mediocre performance and excelling at what you do.


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