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Meet Arian Eghbali The Man That Is Changing The Financial Industry

Arian Eghbali is a successful entrepreneur from North America. He has started his company named Nicholas Import & Export In the year 2007. He is a very successful entrepreneur, and because he had an interest in the media, Arian Eghbali Originated in Los Angeles, CA in TMTV. Being from Iran, he has not forgotten the people. The channel he has found has become the first Iranian channel In North America and has stock in the NASDAQ.

About Arian Eghbali

When he was living in North America, he has found that many of the Iranians are having the problem with maintaining and managing the financial issues. The Iranians were not using the credit and debit cards in Iran as they are using in North America. A small amount of Iranian was using credit and debit cards and was not having the problem, but in North America, they were having financial issues.

Arian has seen that many of the Iranian became the financial victims because they did not know finance, especially in North America. This was the reason every aspect of the life of every Iranian has become negatively. Being from Iran Arian Had a feeling for the Iranian people, and that is why he has founded the company named Credit Repair Specialist; which was the first company in North America for credit repair services in North America Especially serving the Iranian people who are having the problem with their credit and debit card or became the victim of financial issues.

Professional Life

When Arian started this company, he got an excellent response from the people, and that is why he has opened many branches of this company in North America. Irvine, San Jose, Encino, and Los Angeles, and finally, Glendale are the places where the components of this company are situated. Also, he and his team are providing services to the Iranian people related to financial problems.

Because he is so knowledgeable about the financial market. He has written a book that was published by Amazon In 2014. “Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life: Your Better Life Starts Here” Is the book written by him and by now that book has got five stars on Amazon. In that book, he has shown the problems with credit cards and also the secrets that are only is knowledgeable to the Bureau of the credit card.


He is in love with the different interests of the field, and that is why he has also opened the radio channel www.radiojan.com, which is only in the Armenian language and the first Armenian radio channel outside of Armenia. Even today this is the best and on the number one Armenian radio channel outside of Armenia. Listeners in North America from Armenia are listening to the radio www.radiojan.com.


Politics is another field in which Arian is interested. The good thing about this newspaper is that it is in the Farsi language, which is the language of Iran. This is the first newspaper In North America Which is in this language and it is available in Texas, California, and New York.

Arian Is not away from the field of Arts, and he is in love with music. To promote the music of Iran, he has had a tour with Ebrahim Hamedi, the legendary Iranian singer. By seeing the popularity enrich financial has sponsored the time of this singer. The 50 World Tour was the name of the tour which was happening in 13 countries and 40 citiesMore than 500000 people were present on that tour to see the concert.

The Special Connection between Arian and Enrich Financial:

There is a special connection between Arian and enrich financial for the credit repair services. That is why both of them have awarded multiple recognitions because of their service in this field. An amazing thing happened in 2015 when the president of America Barack Obama has granted him. The big news channel from America, like ABC News, CBS and NBC Shown this thing on their channel.

The recognition from American politicians has given him more privilege in the eyes of ordinary human beings. The story doesn’t end there. Special Congressional Recognition was awarded to him in 2016. Especially for the things his company enriches financially has done for the credit repair services. Enrich financially is the top company in Los Angeles for credit repair services. That is why it has got recognition from the American politicians in numbers.

For many decades now, this company named enrich financially. This is led by Arian Eghbali has been providing services in the field of credit repair, debt settlement, credit card enhancement, and many more. The company which was made for the Armenian and Iranian people is now providing services to the Armenian, Persian, American, Iranian, and many other communities for their financial problems.

Successful Businessman

An outstanding entrepreneur is the name people have given to him. All his workers and clients say that he is one of the best entrepreneurs in North America. As he provides opportunities to different people but also increasing the skills and providing administration tips to everyone.

Enrich Financial has excelled at the top in North America especially. Because he has been Supportive of his team and he was never having the Strategy of bossing around. No wonder his team is working conscientiously. The recognition and also the experience under his belt have given him the name in every field in North America. That is why is excelling in the right direction. But still feels considerate to his clients even though he is a rich entity at this young age.

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