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As 2019 passed with a number of drastic events, a chicken salad sandwich is also shaping out as the Year of the Chicken Sandwich. Chick-fil-A stood as the undisputed king of chicken sandwich. But the tides shift with Popeyes joining in the claim with their own version of the chicken sandwich.

From that point on, chicken salad sandwich the race for supremacy began with other brands hopping in for the ride. Among these brands is McDonald’s. They aim to get their own version of the Southern-style chicken sandwich into their menu.

How It Started

Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich consists of a piece of fried chicken in a potato bun. Along with slices of dill pickles and mayo on it. This particular recipe continued to be their signature item. This propelled the company towards the top three biggest fast-food chains in the US. These top chains include McDonald’s. With fried chicken, it sits behind KFC and Popeyes.

This growth somehow shook McDonald’s that it prompted to take action on the matter. Popeyes released their own version of the chicken sandwich in mid-2019. With which the exact recipe brought them under direct competition with Chick-fil-A.

Although overshadowed by this sudden surge in the Sandwich War, McDonald’s aims to rise above. Franchisees have also raised their pleas for a Southern-style chicken sandwich. Especially one against the threat that Chick-fil-A posed with their business growth.

How The Market Fares chicken sandwich

With Popeyes launching the Chicken Sandwich, there were notable shifts in their shares and sales. Roughly 30% of their chicken sandwich buyers purchased their crispy chicken sandwich at other quick serves in the weeks prior.

Along with this, Popeyes saw an increase in their sales at 3.4%. While it may not seem much when compared to Chick-fil-A’s 54.9%, it is a staggering result.

For Popeyes, the sandwich helped in overcoming the Trial hurdle with purchasing intent. This was not the only thing that pushed an increase in income for the establishment. As newcomers also stayed for the other menu products that Popeyes has to offer.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s remained silent during this time. They managed to end 2018 with 13,914 domestic units. They also had $38,524.05 in total systemwide sales. As for average-unit volume, they were at $2.769 million.

The recent boom on chicken sandwiches had McDonald’s losing ground. Their sales dropped from 17% to 15.1%.

Plans were in discussion but no word in reaction to the whole conversation online and in the market. For now, the battle was between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A.

McDonald’s and Chicken

Currently, McDonald’s carries Chicken McNuggets and the McChicken sandwich. The McChicken has been a winner historically, being priced at only $1.56 on average. During the fall, they also had a limited-time item offer in the form of the Spicy BBQ, which launched with little fanfare. It has not tested anything similar to Chick-fil-A’s.

The clamor for a McDonald’s grows louder and louder. Both franchisees and the National Owners Association board led with this petition.

That call was soon answered on December 2, when it also launched its own version. This test run still is ongoing in Knoxville and Houston until January 26, where is currently on the menu.

The packaging has the same style used by Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. This reflects the bag used. The pattern and design follow the same element.

As for the composition of the sandwich, it has a familiar composition with a different twist. In this case, it comes with a piece of fried chicken on a sweet, buttery potato roll. It also comes with butter and crinkle-cut pickles. A deluxe version of the sandwich also launches along with it, adding lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo.

Other Notable Developments

Of course, this was not the only thing that transpired. The other brands that joined in with their own versions of the food item, with different takes on the key ingredients used.

For instance, the burger establishment Wendy’s joined in with their version after Popeyes launched theirs. On social media, Wendy’s also joined in that conversation when they launched the sandwich.

KFC is also not far behind with this. chicken salad sandwich Being a restaurant that sells fried chicken, they came up with their variations. One of these was a fried chicken and doughnut sandwich. Later in the year, they came with a Nashville Hot chicken and waffle variation.

The Current Outcome So Far chicken sandwich

As of the moment, the shift towards the continues. The conversation continues with passionate enthusiasts also chiming in on the matter.

In terms of what the have to offer, analysts conclude that it was juicier and flavorful. It stands out as an upgrade to the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken. Time to give this sandwich a taste before McDonald’s ends the trial run on January 26.


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