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MC David J – A multi-talented Producer

In 2020, no one can predict the upcoming future because of its late and early curveballs. MC David J is a rapper can be a more predictable case because of his successful album release this year. The name of this album is “Ever Since”. It is a project that is furnished with 12 loaded tracks that people of all ages love to hear.

The first track “You Know” on the album is highly famous and it is a popular song and can be an anthem of the album. The rapper has talked about his grind in this track that how he chases his dreams to be a famous rapper in the industry. Therefore, this song has earned more than 150k views due to its rawness. The two-minute song is highly popular in the world on all platforms. On the brink, with 2021, the rapper will be the best candidate to invest in.

About MC David J

He lives in Atlanta Georgia and has been developing what many call an empire. In the year of 2016, he took a start and entered into the rapping industry. His first release was Budeyo and has been making his professional life in the music industry. As a label executive, producer and self-proclaimed rapper, he is ruling over the heart of his fans. No doubt, his fan bank is highly massive and all the tools he requires to be the next Herbo G and Diddy of the music industry. Get more songs from the star on YouTube.

Everything that he has developed all began when he first came into the industry and it was the age of just 9. From there, he started to expose to more tracks and work on his favorite tones through the years giving him a clear view for making and producing new music. Now in the age of 25 years old, he is the producer and creator of numerous tones as well as millions of listeners and there is an increase in the number day by day. You will love to know that he has a thriving record label famous with the name of CoCalm Entertainment. Learn more about your favorite star on Deezer.

MC David J – A multi-talented Producer

This young rapper belongs to Atlanta is on the mission to strive for excellence in the music world. With his multiple releases in the entire year, he is considered a successful rapper in the music industry. However, he does not like to take any stop on his way to success. However, this road to success was not as smooth, as people mostly thought of it, but he never gave up. Music is always his passion and he play new tones and melodies to make his dream true. You can get all his songs and tracks on Spotify.

How to contact him?

Do you want to meet your favorite star online? It is not a big deal these days. Yes, you can contact him on social media since he has an account on Instagram for all his fans and followers. Due to the massive bank of followers, he is available on Instagram.


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