Matrix 4 is exactly what we all are waiting for as it’s been 15 years since the previous part released. The fourth installment of Matrix will enter its production phase in 2020 and will be ready to release till 2022.

The news about the return of Matrix is certainly big-bang news for all of us. No doubt, if you are a 90’s kid then Matrix’s been a part of your childhood. So, here we all 90’s kids go with another Matrix film.

Our Neo and Trinity are returning for the Matrix 4 to uproar the film world and sensitize the huge fanbase of Matrix.

With Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss as Neo and Trinity respectively in MATRIX once again is not less than a BLAST. Certainly, Matrix 4 will lead us to the new begining which Oracle hinted towards at the end of Matrix 3. 

Till now, we have just got the news of the return of Neo and Trinity in Matrix 4. It’s yet to be confirmed who else gonna remark their entry from the previous cast and characters of Matrix Franchise.

A lot of speculations are being made since the news of the making of Matrix 4 is out. Anyhow, we still have no idea who’s gonna be the antagonist in the upcoming Matrix film.

MATRIX 4 will RELEASE until 2020 featuring NEO and TRINITY back in ACTION.


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