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Did Joseph Quinn Actually Play Master Of Puppets In Stranger Things?

In fact, Quinn plays guitar on Stranger Things. Actor Joseph Quinn of “Stranger Things 4” confirmed in an early July interview with Entertainment Tonight that he is, in fact, playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” for real onscreen (via YouTube). He said, “It’s pretty much all of me.

Did Joseph Quinn Actually Play Master of Puppets in Stranger Things?

Prior to their headline performance at the Chicago festival, Quinn joined the band backstage and spoke and jammed with them. They undoubtedly used Metallica’s 1986 song “Master of Puppets,” which Eddie Munson performs upside-down during the Season conclusion of the show.

It’s uncommon for a character introduced so late in the run of a popular series to completely shock viewers. But that’s exactly what Joseph Quinn accomplished with the introduction of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4. Eddie established himself as a Stranger Things icon after picking up his electric guitar. And playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in the Upside Down. If the heartbreaking finale didn’t stop your heart, this clip of Quinn practicing that the series authors recently released to their Twitter account will.

YouTube video

On July 10, a brief video of Quinn casually performing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”. During a practice session is tweeted by the Stranger Things authors. Quinn seems chewing on his gum while playing the guitar. While wearing a light sweater with a collar but without an Eddie wig. Eddie is still very much alive and well, the sun is shining, and Quinn is playing the song seemingly from memory while the crowd swoons.

Despite claiming to have “played guitar since he was very little,” the actor told Collider that he is merely human. Quinn put in a lot of rehearsal for the performance because of Metallica’s song. Especially that mind-blowing solo is undoubtedly an expert-level feat. Quinn eventually pulled off Eddie’s song of choice with the help of a guitar double to divert the Demobats from his companions and save the day. If we weren’t already Metallica fans, we are now.

When the suspenseful Season 4 conclusion of the Netflix series aired. Eddie broke stereotypes, donned devil horns, and emerged as a ray of hope for viewers. Fans were aware that the beloved Stranger Things characters were in danger in the days before the show’s final two episodes. They also knew from a previous preview that the neighborhood metal head would eventually put on his electric guitar. Online rumors regarding the music that plays and why it emerges as fans speculations about Eddie. who they thought would save them from the cunning Vecna. Nobody truly considered the possibility that Eddie might be in danger.

Quinn’s performance not only won over the audience but also caught the interest of Metallica, a legendary heavy metal band. The band expressed their admiration for Quinn in an Instagram post, Calling her performance “so unbelievably beautifully done”. And expressing their joy at having “such a vital scenario created around” their song. In addition to expressing their approval, Metallica generously adopted Eddie’s trademark Hellfire attire. And performed a tribute snippet on TikTok in memory of the deceased character.

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