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Three Marketing Strategies Which Helped Zamage’s and Zachary Sheaffer’s Success

A successful business can pinpoint marketing strategies that have helped them become better known by customers. It is important to create campaigns and publicity which will allow people to see the quality of the products a company is selling. But also, to connect with them on a deeper level in order to acquire loyal buyers. Zamage has been able to create campaigns and establish relations with different celebrities to show their customers they care about them and the products are of amazing quality.

Golden Ticket

Back in 2008 when they expanded into a bigger store, Zachary Sheaffer–the founder–came up with the “Golden Ticket” idea to attract customers and survive the recession. The store employees would hide a ticket in a pair of shoes and people could try on any size and model they wanted. Whoever found the ticket won a free pair of shoes.

With this campaign, Zamage was able to get attention from multiple buyers. They would go into the store to find the ticket and have the opportunity to take a look at all the different products including New Era Cap Co. hats from their favorite MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL teams, and Akademiks, Converse, Enyce, Miskeen, Rocawear, and Timberland merchandise. This kept the business succeeding and allowed its doors to remain open during the recession.

Free Album

During one of 50 Cent’s new album releases, Zamage was able to offer a free album to their followers. He advertised on 50 Cent’s website with big web banners that said “FREE Album”.  This has done during one of 50 Cent’s biggest releases. After getting G-Unit Records approval, every customer who purchased a Zamage product–whether it be one of their denim outfits, track pants, sneaker tees, or shorts–would get 50 Cent’s album free. Sheaffer says the click through rate was huge and more people started buying from them. This shows offering customers other free products will always encourage them to buy from you, and Zamage knew that.

Celebrities Wearing Zamage

Nothing encourages people to buy a specific product more than seeing celebrities wearing or using the brand. Zamage has worn by different well-known men who can attest to the quality and comfort of their outfits and accessories. Basketball player Mikey Williams posted a photo on his Instagram wearing a Zamage outfit. Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy both wore custom New Era hats during The Breakfast Club. And WWE superstar Lio was seen wearing Zamage track pants on WWE Wrestle Mania 35. This appealed fans who later on bought outfits and hats for themselves.

Getting your brand’s name out there is very important to become successful. By creating campaigns such as the “Golden Ticket” and “Free Album” ones and being seen on different celebrities’ social media accounts or events, Zamage has stayed relevant and trending. Zachary Sheaffer has been able to keep consumers captivated and coming back for more for over a decade now. His creative marketing strategies and good networking has allowed his business to become a world-renowned success.


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