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Mare of Easttown a Limited Series on HBO the Year’s Best Cliffhanger

Mare of Easttown is an American miniseries. It is crime based drama created by Brad Ingelsby. The series premiered on April 18, 2021 on HBO. In the series a detective Mare investigates two cases a local murdered girl and a missed girl in a small Pennsylvania town. During her investigation, she tries to keep her life from falling apart.
The development of the series started in January 2019. It announced that Brad Ingelsby will create the series. He will write all the episodes with director Gavin O’Connor. Executive producers include Gavin O’Connor, Kate Winslet, Paul Lee, Mark Roybal, and Gordon Gray. In January 2020 Craig Zobel replaced Gavin O’Connor as a director and executive producer due to his engagement with other projects.

The cast of Mare of Easttown

In 2019, it announced that Kate Winslet will cast in HBO series to play the leading role. It decided that the series filming location will be suburban Philadelphia. Some of its cast members were finalized in September 2019 while some were decided in the following month. They include

Julianne Nicholson
Jean Smar
Angourie Rice
Evan Peters
Cailee Spaeny
David Denman
John Douglas Thompson
Patrick Murney
Ben Miles
Katie Kreisler
James McArdle
Sosie Bacon
Joe Tippett
Neal huff

However, in February 2021Guy Pearce replaced Miles’ role. Some other cast members of Mare of Easttown were also selected in this month naming

Mackenzie Lansing
Kate Arrington
Ruby Cruz
James Easter Bradford
Elisa Davis
Enid Graham
Justin Hurtt-Dunkley
Izzy King
Jack Mulhern
Anthony Norman
Drew Scheid
Madeline Weinstein

Mare of Easttown showing Kate Winslet Moreish Mystery

The story of the series tells that in town there is a small-town cop, name Mare Sheehan played by Kate Winslet. She is managing her professional responsibilities wonderfully. After doing job and her domestic tasks she does not left with energy anymore. On the other hand she has gone through many difficult times in her life. Her family has gone through tragedy which can be seen by her face as she smiles often.
Easttown that has highlighted in this series is a bleak, impoverished place. A place that is full of overlapping sadness. Being the community detective, Mare handles and tackles most of them. Usage of drug and alcohol is very common in the community.
This series also highlights the psychological effects of the tragedies. Mare of Easttown shows that how some terrible events absorb and affect the people who are actually trying to solve the crime.

Missed and Murdered Girls

During the career Mare handles many cases. Among them, the one that highlighted in the series is of a 19 years old girl named Kate Bailey who disappeared a year ago. She is the daughter of Mare’s high school friend name Dawn.

Another focused case is of Erin that is played by Cailee Spaeny she finds dead. She is a teenage single mother who attends the town’s young people party in the woods. Here she is beaten by her husband’s girlfriend name Brianna played by Mackenzie Lansing.

Now the whole town has disturbed because of that missing girl and the murder of the girl. So a new detective joins in with Mare name Colin Zabel played by Evan Peters. He was ordered to investigate the new case of murder alongside Mare. However, this character highlights the limitations, flaws, and benefits of the police department in a small town.

Love Side of the Mare of Easttown

The love side of the series shows Mare’s love interest in the form of a writer and lecturer Ryan. Mare’s daughter name Siobhan engages in sexuality but keeps her mother unaware of this. Mare’s husband Frank also engaged with his girlfriend. So there are many ups and downs in the story. Similarly, the twists and turns of the cases throughout the series are very interesting for the viewers to watch. In the end, all these things become the show something greater than the sum up of its already perceived parts.

Production of the Series

Production work of the series started in the fall of 2019 in Philadelphia and the areas around it. The production work carried on in the March of 2020 and continued till April. However, the production phase of Mare of Easttown halted due to COVID-19 Pandemic. In September 2020 it reported to a Philadelphia news channel that production would resume within one month.

Community is itself a Character

The series is a fictionalized version of Easttown Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. It is a place where the creator of the series Brad Ingelsby was born. On the other side, there were big controversies about whether to use “Delco Accent” in the series. Delco Accent is a Philadelphia English version that is commonly used in the neighboring place of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. But Winslet who is performing the leading role of the series insisted to use the Delco Accent despite learning a difficult and different accent. She wanted to choose this new accent as she understood that the community that has fictionalized in the story was itself a character. So, thinking this authentic accent would help to emphasize the community. She claimed that it was difficult to grab the accent and she “throw things” while learning it.

Uneven Series but Masterfully Suspenseful

Mare of Easttown got positive and negative responses. According to Rotten Tomatoes a review aggregator, the series got a 91% rating that is based on 68 reviews. On average rating, it got 7.9 scores out of 10. While according to Metacritic, the series received an average score of 81 out of 100 derived from 37 critics. However, a reporter of Hollywood name  Kang showed positive vibes for the series and marked it uneven but masterfully suspenseful.


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