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Manga: Five Things You’ll Love About It

You should be acquainted with several basic categories under which the Japanese Manga fits if you have already read our Beginner’s Manga Guide. If not, here is a short overview.

Japanese Manga is classified mainly according to sex and age, and then according to the genre. Manga is especially for young boys (shonen), girls (shojo), males (seinen), and adult females (josei). Of course, Manga is the four most prominent categories that straddle gender, age, and genre. Then Manga is classified by genre. A mystery manga targeting young boys would be classed as a shonen mystery and a shojo mystery targeting young females.

If you are looking for mangas in dojin, better visit our website for more information on what mangas are translated and available. We have a relatively huge library, and we keep updating it as more series are translated.

This is a type of book reading.

If you are like me and like comics rather than real reading, Manga is your thing. I frequently get strange glances whenever I say I don’t want to read or don’t like reading, I mean, I’m very smart, but people instantly see you like a fool when you say you don’t like reading. There might be times when you must compel yourself to do something, which is not so mentally tedious, and Manga comes in here.

There are two releases.

Manga is usually a story’s original presentation. What I mean is that a Manga is made into a dojin if it is rather popular. This is usually done halfway through the Manga, so we get similar or even identical storylines at first, and then sometimes they change. So, which is better, Manga or anime? Many people claim that the Manga is always superior, but sometimes the Manga is superior.

Length releases.

Western books are relatively brief, about 40 pages long; manga graphic novels are somewhat longer. It’s generally 160 pages long, but when you consider that just 20 words are available on a page, it gets a bit less frightening. For half an hour or around an hour, Manga might keep you entertaining since it’s so long. Although this does not rely on what Manga you buy, it costs less than a normal book.

Interesting characters

You get scratchy middle-aged males, usually in western comic comics. It is kind of great to have a character to talk to now and then; some of us don’t want today’s protagonists as well.

Style for Artwork

You may follow Disney or the Mexican route. Indeed, they have a strange way to draw; their characters appear like Bratz. There are so many art styles throughout the globe. Or you may go with Manga where you are looking well automatically, yay for Manga unless you have no carp lips or spiral spectacles!

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